Home Fishing Tips Fishing Tip: Depend On Mojo Rigs For Finicky Pre-Spawn Bass

Fishing Tip: Depend On Mojo Rigs For Finicky Pre-Spawn Bass

Fishing Tip: Depend On Mojo Rigs For Finicky Pre-Spawn Bass

hey guys just erratically here to give you your Scout look weather tip of the week on fishing the Mojo rig you know the Mojo really can be rigged a few different ways but one way that I like to rig it is with a couple of bobber Stoppers you take your Texas rig weight order your Carolina rig style barrel weight or even some split shots and basically you slide it up the line a little bit just a very short short version of a Carolina rig now this is a great way to catch fish when the bass are in that pre-spawn tough you know cruising around mode and what you’re doing is you’re throwing this bait in areas that are just out of sight on the bottom depth so just where you can’t see the bottom you’re gonna turn around or you know face that direction throw this bait out there and just drag it around and what you’re doing is you’re fishing for those fish that are cruising they’re coming in to spawning pockets but you can’t you just can’t see them you can’t identify them a lot of times you’ll see those short bass that are up there shallow they’re easy pickings but the bigger ones like to hang out a little bit deeper so this mojo rig is really really effective I like to use usually about a quarter ounce weight a three sixteenths even and it’s just meant to be a finesse Carolina rig presentation you can throw it on about twelve to fifteen pound test that works really good but there’s no swivel there’s no leader material required just put your favorite plastic on here I like to use some sort of a stick bait right here I’m using a fluke style bait slide that weight up about a foot up and you can see here I’ve got two bobber Stoppers rigged on there and just drag it around in that shallow water and wait for those big fish to pick it up I’ve got schooled on this in a tournament so I’ve really learned to pick this up and throw it around when that water isn’t around the low-60s bass are getting in that spawn mode and they’re tough to catch so give this a try next time you’re out on the water also don’t forget to check out the Scout look weather fishing app check out the moon phases check your upcoming weather conditions adjust and Rackley thanks for visiting scout look whether calm I’ll catch you later


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