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Fishing Tip: Adding Rattles To Your Soft Plastics Means More Spring Bass Success

Fishing Tip: Adding Rattles To Your Soft Plastics Means More Spring Bass Success

hey guys just rectly here for scout love weather calm to give you a little tip on fishing rattles when people think of springtime fishing a lot of times they think of rattle traps and it’s a really good bait it’s reaction bait has a lot of noise fish really react to it and the same thing can be said for putting rattles inside some of your soft plastic baits not everybody thinks of that but when you’re fishing a dirty water lake stained water lake and in the springtime the fish won’t be more attractive to that rattling noise they’re just more aggressive at that time period upon so there’s a couple of different rattles that you can add and I like to add rattles to my jigs and also to my soft plastic baits that allow me to put rattles in them especially tubes tubes are fantastic of soft plastic bait to put rattles in and I like to use just a little glass glass cased rattle and you can use you know big ladder big rattles smaller rattles you know just depending on water clarity if you’re fishing dirtier water it’s better to have louder rattle something that’s going to get more noise like this tube right here that I’ve got rigged up and if you’re flipping around heavy grass or around some wood with it that extra little noise bouncing around when you pick that beta is going to attract more fish same thing with a jig you know you can add a a rattle too to your jigs to your jig skirts you can get special skirt rings that have those uh those rattle holders in in them or you can just add them to your hook or put them inside your trailer that’s on your jig as well and that just adds a little little bit of noise a jig already has a big presence but a little bit of noise kind of has like a crawfish tick to it I could really attract more fish to your bait so I actually don’t like to use rattles and we’re we’re talking about postponed or summer when fish have seen a lot of pressure they’ve heard a lot of hard baits that have rattles in them and I like to get away from rattles a little bit I go for more of a finesse approach but if I’m fishing Clearwater unless it’s spring I don’t like to use rattles either natural sounds of the weight hitting hitting the rocks or hitting whatever it is that’s enough and that clear water bass are very visual predator so clear water you should be okay but they definitely help in the spring definitely help in muddy water be sure to check them out try them out on your jigs and your tubes and your other soft plastics when you’re fishing if you’re not getting bit also guys make sure you go to Scotland where calm down load the the fishing app that they have that is going to allow you to track all the changing weather conditions springtime is crazy having all that information definitely helps you when you’re on the water so be sure to check that out on the website I’m just rectly I hope this tip helped you and I’ll catch you later


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