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Fishing Tip 3: Creating Options If Walleye Aren’t Biting

Fishing Tip 3: Creating Options If Walleye Aren’t Biting

it’s all about the covered in walleye tomorrow for this state opener or is it tonight’s tip is about creating options if the walleyes are not biting you may find what I found a healthy alternative the walleye it is the symbol of Minnesota fish it is what this weekend is in part about but let us not forget to the objective to catch fish they pay here we go with the spring that came late crappies are going primetime at the same time no the funny thing is normally we’re going to get two to three weeks of good crappie fishing before the walleye season even opens up well that’s not the case this year right now the best crappie fishing is happening right now when the walleye opener is on is upon us so we got two things going at the same time these pan fish are usually there you pre-lit before walleye season but this year you might want to change game plans okay so if you’re fishing for walleye and it’s not happening how long do you give it before you switch to crappie maybe an hour maybe two depending on the size of the lake and how much information I know about the lake and yeah I know right away like in an hour the key might be locating the first one and the rest will follow which means go inward the big thing about the crappies is they come into the shallows at this time of year not to spawn they’re in here to feed so what you need is some penetration coming down into the muddy bottoms that in turn hatches insects larvae so you might want to start on wall I mean if they’re not biting move to crappie but you’re also saying after I catch that limit of walleye in the morning guy like me might want to go for crappies because I’ve got nothing else to do already got my stringer wallet well I certainly hope so yeah that’s a very good point


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