Home Fishing Tips Fishing Tip #10 Fall fishing tip.

Fishing Tip #10 Fall fishing tip.

Fishing Tip #10 Fall fishing tip.

outdoors and this week’s of fall fishing tip and we’re going to talk about the three amigos that’s right the crank bait spinner bait and a weedless jig I use the crank bait when I’m covering a lot of open water shallow water and watered it doesn’t have a lot of brush or grass in it bass are scattered and we need to find a fish I use the spinner bait when there’s either weeds pads were really thick wood finally if I have to get down into the stuff i’ll use the weedless jig hey if you use the three amigos you’re bound to catch more fish in a fall I’m Steve Horvath from Delaware Valley outdoors come visit us on facebook check us out at Delaware Valley outdoors calm or check me out on Twitter Steve Horvath one at Twitter


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