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Fishing tip #1

Fishing tip #1

what’s up guys i showing you a little trick i do when i’m out fishing the helps me catch more fish and will hopefully help you you can see this isn’t really want to keep it in the ice roader down one of my folders just for an example i keep a journal in my tackle bag and what I do is when I go out first off I write down like we’re on fishing at and the weather conditions and what time of the year and then I’ll sort of get myself a little bit of tips that I’ll write down the date begin myself some tips on what to look for when I was using and I’m some more tips like riprap Boulder and windblown banks some clay banks and it just sort of tells me where we were catching on full of kind of places we were catching them on the day we went low pressure system moving through that before you write down low pressure system not before and what it does is um after a while of doing this it builds up like a miniature database and it might be too you want me next year it might be next week or the next month or it might be four years from now you’ll go back out and you might have the same conditions as you did like the way back when you went a couple years ago and you can look back in your journal and find it and look where you were fishing what kind of areas you were fishing and what to look for I mean what time of year it was I mean some of the stuff you reuse them and what this will do and uh just give you some hints and stuff to help you catch more fish and it’s really helped me out but more efficient V is coming out pretty soon I have a tournament this Saturday Ben lake and hopefully did good on it hopefully get some videos if I do catch a fish I will get a sum if I catch your fish worth to put on video i should say i will make a video i’m showing it so maybe some videos how the way and i don’t know it but there should be a video up this coming weekend maybe through the week some this week maybe some tips and stuff but guys hope this helps your hope it helps you up catch more fish and quality fish guys talk to you later stay tuned


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