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Fishing Tip #1: Trailer hooks

Fishing Tip #1: Trailer hooks

sup guys digging out here I’m so you’re not fishing with another video and today I’m going to give you guys a little fishing tip so if you like to fish spinner baits in muddy water or you just fish spinnerbaits or anything like that you just got some here’s a quick little tip if you plan on fishing spinnerbaits at all one thing I like to do is add trailer hooks what trailer looks are is they have a bigger eye on them put them on the hook and it hangs out the back so you can so in case the fish short strikes it or anything like that and gets a little bit of emotion in case the fish strikes inside so what I like to do is get a bass pro shop get you some gum ikot Sutra the hooks I got three outs eyes it comes with these little clear tubes that you cut up in little pieces and I mean II guess I just tied on the spinner bait so I kept on those real quick but um say VNM I want to stay like heart attack series you’re something like that spinner bait but basically here we go so I got a hook out here there you go see it and got the tube and what I’m going to do is I want to take my spinner bait and thread it on through there so i got my i’ll try the hook hanging down and then i want to take a knife it’ll cut a little piece into just so i can fit it on there there we go so cut my little peach other and and I’ll slide it on my main hook that’s the actual part of the spinnerbait and yeah it’s like I don’t that it and come off but um there you go it’s going to let it you know come down like this and it’s gonna be able to swing freely like that so there you go there’s a quick tip for this week or yeah this quick tip I’ll see you guys later with another fishing video or some other kind of video who knows what


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