Home Fishing Tips Fishing the Mississippi River near St. Cloud

Fishing the Mississippi River near St. Cloud

Fishing the Mississippi River near St. Cloud

You know the beauty of it is, as I mentioned, we’re right here in town, and one of the things is that… you couldn’t tell that, by where we’re sitting right now. The channels are mixed in amongst the area, and we’ve got a little bit higher than normal flows for right now, but not too far off, and it’s a beautiful river… it’s got real great scenic quality.

Everything here is naturally reproducing, there’s no stocking that needs to take place, and doesn’t take place. Naturally reproducing smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, obviously there’s some muskellunge in the area.

They’re lower abundance for sure, but channel catfish are relatively abundant as far as another game fish species goes. [sound of rapids] The Mississippi is definitely… it’s a beautiful area and it is right close to home, and I think it’s about time we realize that it’s.

.. it’s right here in our backyard. [♪♪]


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