Home Fishing Tips Fishing steep drops on shallow flats

Fishing steep drops on shallow flats

Fishing steep drops on shallow flats

Steep drop-offs like this can be prime fish holding areas. Quick access to shallow flats in deep water, presents multiple feeding opportunities in a small area. Start the search with Structure Scan pass and waypoint key cover off to the side.

Now comes the boat control piece. Because i’m targeting fish on a highly defined structure, I want to methodically cast key sections without spooking fish. Using your waypoint as stop signs, lock the boat into position with your shallow water anchor- thoroughly casting each section.

Talon up and moving down the line to the next way point and do the same. This does two things: 1. It keeps you off the troll which can be important when fish are heavily pressured. 2. It prevents you from blowing over productive water.

“She was sitting right on that boulder waypoint.”


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