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Fishing Senkos in the Spring

Fishing Senkos in the Spring

This lake has got so many big fish in it the males here are huge. You can go around and catch a 20-21-22 pound limit pretty easy without even having a female in your bag during bed fishing time. Let’s see, there should be some more down this side.

Let’s see if we can get them to bite this Senko. I wonder if that was a bass right there, did you see that or is that a gar? Got in my shadow there, I couldn’t see. You see those beds, there so shallow I bet a fish can’t even get to them.

Man he eat that Senko up! I skipped that Senko up in those trees in that super shallow water and they can’t stand it man, the Senko….. it is the best spawning season bait and there is. Open your big ole mouth.

A nice one right there. That’s another nearly 5 pounder and that was on my favorite color this time of the year in the spring my Senko. This is a 5 inch Yamamoto Senko and my favorite color is green pumpkin with a purple and green flake in it.

And they will eat it cuz it has a bream tint color to it. This is a good lake like Guntersville where there’s so many big ones like this at. So you don’t have to throw it on a spinning rod, I can throw it on my 7- foot, Medium/Heavy, Steve’s Bait Caster and a big 4/0 HD Daiichi hook.

Man you catch big fat ones on it and you can just haul them right out of the cover and you can throw a braid on it but I’ve got 20 lb gama fluorocarbon on here. But I’m telling you that without a doubt, a Senko, an original Yamamoto Senko, has the salt and the right color so it has the right vibration as it sinks, is the best bed fishing, spawning season bait I believe you can fish with.

About any pro would tell you that and it will just catch fish anywhere you go. So many colors in it. In dirty water I’ll use a darker color, over on the cleaner lakes, especially around the bed season, I’ll throw anything that is green pumpkin and watermelon and this is a green pumpkin with green and purple flake which has the bream bluegill tint to it.

And bluegill are what the bass are trying to keep from eating their eggs this time of year, that’s why that bait’s so good. Its so suttle you can skip it up like that, skip cast it, skip it right up into that tree.

The water is super shallow there, that fish is probably up on that big white spot, I see now. And that’s how you catch bedding fish a lot easier than sitting there working them on the bed. You just make long skip casts with a Senko and that first cast will catch a lot of fish without ever having to waste time sitting there fishing for them for 15-20 minutes so, Senko fishing at its best.

Spring time, Guntersville, it’s awesome.


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