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Fishing HOW TO: Trophy Minnow Jerkbait

Fishing HOW TO: Trophy Minnow Jerkbait

hey guys I’m Darcy with lucky tackle box comm I’m headed to the boat right now to do some fishing to try out the trophy minnow from river to see calm once I get down there I’m going to go over the target use proper rigging and the retrieval of this great jerk bait the trophy minnow is a suspending jerk bait with a large list making it capable of diving eight to ten feet underwater it has three number four treble hooks to ensure high hookup ratios the target species for this lure is nearly any inshore saltwater species snook jacks and bluefish will devour this lure when fishing those deeper holes and channels the rigger used to fish this trophy minnow starting with my rod is a seven to seven foot to tsunami coastal series air wave rod and that I have paired with my rod my reel which is an accurate SR six spinning reel and then attached to that I have my 15 pound main line which is braid and then attached to my braid I have a uni to uni knot with 40 pound fluorocarbon leader you can attach the trophy minnow to your line with either a uni knot or cinch not both will work perfectly now for the retrieval give the trophy minnows some subtle snaps with your rod tip with pauses or with the jerk pause method do not overpower this little wonder treat the trophy minnow with some finesse and it will give the fish something they haven’t seen before in this step zone all right anglers so get out there and throw your trophy minnow from river to sea calm and caption fish once again on behalf of lucky tackle box calm I’m Darcy arrow Hill you can find me on social media and YouTube as our sizzle offshore and until next time keep on catching


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