Home Fishing Tips Fishing for Walleye and Crappie with the IFishPro Tip-Up!

Fishing for Walleye and Crappie with the IFishPro Tip-Up!

Fishing for Walleye and Crappie with the IFishPro Tip-Up!

that tip-up just went off I was trying to set something up here welcome back everybody I hope you guys have enjoyed those last two videos I am actually back out on that body of water today one thing I wanted to do today though and kind of stress it I’m gonna move and move and move until I can find a big walleye I know they’re in here I know I can get around on to them on the last time or to try and get those crappie for you guys and show you that I mean well you seen the hot action if you did and now post a video up here for you guys in a card so you guys can actually go back and watch that if you missed it I hope you did because it was good now fingers crossed we get that kind of action today and obviously if you’re seeing this hopefully we got on some fish Hey look a fish gonna start with search bait okay so I just had a couple big marks come in and they shunned the rippin rap so spoon minnow head he came back two of them down there some crappie that guys too little well of corse the GoPro dies but I just got my first eye on the IFishPro here I’m playing with him for a while so that was a 14 if they were 15 to 19 I’m gonna keep one so fingers crossed we get more of those so as you can see I literally just open that that walleye bit I had like three come on the screen there’s one down there right now all hell broke loose basically and it was you know one of those scenarios where of course my the GoPro is dead so yeah that’s why you got to release and not the catch but hopefully I got enough batteries left to actually get something here I’m gonna bore you were setting this up if you want to see this I put a video above how to set this up and everything so you guys can do that really easy otherwise let’s get back to catching some fish okay they’re still coming in on everything else but uh they’re not committing so we’re gonna go back to this spoon and a minnow head that seems to be the go-to and there was one on it right away look at that! of course got the one chasing and I get hit on the IFishPro it’s probably that fish it’s another one had it was a really light oh he’s going back playing with me might of got the my minnow head though still on there I actually heard that one I think it’s a little walleye oh no white crappie while he swallowed it to small to keep there we go oh it got off right there what happened yeah well that sucked tell you one thing If I would have been keeping crappie I would have been good today there’s a keeper all day another keeper feels another good one maybe just a little too small just under 14 inches thanks for playing buddy all right as you guys can see it’s getting a little dark out here I’m having a hard time putting the jig stick down right now I keep getting these big marks coming in I got one walleye that I could keep two crappie that I decided to keep after the walleye I actually I got one crappie at the same time the IFishPro went off and I caught the crappie then ran over and got the walleye so today worked out for the getting on some eaters anyways I don’t know how much I’m gonna be able to show you or what like what I’m gonna be able to put together I hope you guys enjoyed it this could be a pretty simple one I just wanted to get back out and you know see if I could do good before it rains all day tomorrow and then I’m probably gonna have to wait about a week here so I’m thinking you guys are probably seeing this Sunday hopefully in this next week here those cold temps lock everything up all around the state real good I don’t have to drive three four hours to go fishing and you guys get some more you know ice action so thanks for sticking around with me I know like I said it was simple but obviously if you’re not new here you know what’s up but if you’re new here please just remember to


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