Home Fishing Tips Fishing for Bass with Jerkbaits in Cold Water

Fishing for Bass with Jerkbaits in Cold Water

Fishing for Bass with Jerkbaits in Cold Water

Every lure in your tackle box is for a certain situation and in cold water, jerkbaits shine. Bass move shallow and feed heavily during the pre-spawn period; suspending jerk baits get the nod here. As a general rule of thumb, fish with short jerks and long pauses the colder the water.

As the water warms up, speed up with a more erratic jerking cadence. In any situation, pausing and just letting the lure sit is a major triggering characteristic. Target fish on large spawning flats by positioning your boat in deeper water and casting to the shallows.

This is a clear water presentation and the lure has the benefit of calling fish from a long ways. Color can be a factor, but “match the hatch” philosophy is always a good bet for largemouth. Smallmouth, on the other hand, often responds best to bright and godly colors.

Fish on medium action 6-6 bait casting rod, rigged with a high speed reel and spool up with 8-14 pound monofilament line for best results.


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