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Fishing Bait Showdown: Which Bait Works Best? (Crabs vs Clams vs Worms)

Fishing Bait Showdown: Which Bait Works Best? (Crabs vs Clams vs Worms)

Ok guys, we’ve got an array of pretty expensive baits We pretty much bought out the bait shop with all of their b- the most popular baits that- that they have I spent about $60 fo all of this fresh bait I want you guys to vote below: Which do you think will catch us the most and the biggest fish? We’ve got bloodworms soft shell crabs razor clams So we’re gonna test these, may 15-20 minutes each bait and see which one catches the most So we are fishing in the Chesapeake Bay uh, this area is very famous for their striped bass their perch right now is the fall time which means a lot of the fish are coming in and feeding and getting fat and uh, fattening up for the winter This is the perfect time to get out there and get on some dinner fish I’m looking to catch some keeper stripers today Which is, I think 19 inches If I don’t get any of those, hopefully we can keep some Jumbo Perch I’m excited! I LOVE using all these baits and we’ve got a nice arrangement of uh I mean, these are all like the best baits Let’s go try ’em out Peeler crab: Test #1 It’s called a peeler crab because look how soft it gets During a certain time of the year Their- Their shell starts to- to molt off and they start to grow a new one So what we’re gonna do here is just cut the legs off And if you’re squirmish: don’t look But keep in mind These creature don’t feel pain the same way we do We’re gonna cut it in half Look at how wet and juicy this is it’s different than a fresh one alright and I’m gonna fourth it Since these are expensive, I don’t wanna use this all in one shot I’m gonna cut this into 6 shots Who else use peeler crabs? Comment below I’ve just got a classic rig on right here, just a single hook Just like that And here’s what we’re gonna do: Here’s the trick They like to hide by structure.

They like to hide where water is fast right next to water is slow They like to hide in the slow spot so that once a fish passes by, they can without much energy attack it, eat it, and go back into the slow moving water So, we’re gonna drop our bait right next to that I’ve got a 3 ounce sinker on here And look: I’m gonna just drop it right here right next to that pillar Once it’s on the bottom, I’m just gonna leave it I’ve got a circle hook on here So if anything starts to run away with it, all I’m gonna do it reel up OOHH! Woah! That one took it [Erin:] Took the crab? [Brendon:] Took the crab and left the crab Now these are your average size.

This might be on the little bigger spectrum of the area that I’m fishing right now But I mean, it’s nonstop action it’s a lot of fun and in between, you might catch a nice size keeper Look at all that Look at all that You see that? [Erin:] I’m on! ok This is definitely not big enough to keep, so I’m gonna let it go There we go [Brendon:] No jumbo perch today, huh? [Erin:] huh? [Brendon:] No jumbos today? Got ‘im aaarrrggghhhh Nice! I think this is a keeper Yes! Got him on the live peeler I think this is a 19 And look at its stomach full of shrimps Let’s see let’s see That’s it! That’s in That’s the first keeper and that was on peeler Oh my gosh! That is the fattest perch of the day for sure [Erin:] Yes [Brendon:] Holy cow! Holy cow! [Erin:] Yea [Brendon:] That’s as big as your face, Erin [Erin:] Pretty much [Brendon:] Oh my gosh Wow! Nice job! That’s a big one Nice goin’ [Erin:] Yes! [Brendon:] Alright, let’s switch to clams now [Erin:] Ok! [Brendon:] Alright guys, so I’ve been using the live peeler crabs and these oh my goodness it’s been very-very successful for me so far Alright, so crab is done.

We’re gonna try a different bait now Ok next up, we’re testing out Razor Clams I have never used razor clams before so I’m gonna give it a try See how I like it compared to the soft shell crab Um, and you guys’ll see the results So these razor clams $7 for this whole entire bag of it They’re native to Maryland and they’re alive and I guess I take a couple of these kinda messy I mean, how am I supposed to hook that? [Erin:] You just try [Brendon:] I’m using circle hooks because that’s the way to target striped bass is use circle hooks.

They like to hit it and run So I put one piece on just like that Maybe I’ll put one more. What do you think, Erin? one more? [Erin:] Try it [Brendon:] Two There we go, just like that And we’re gonna do the same thing.

Same exact thing: drop it by the pylons. See if they prefer this or prefer the crab aw, a lot of perch! They’re pecking at it the second I put it down wow Bait is all gone I dropped it down- dropped it down 3 times perch took it all I wanna be able to keep it down there for the striped bass and not have the perch pick it off maybe if I tied it up with some like string or like some- some thread around it it would stay on a little bit better There we go That’s a sand perch though This is- this is the last thing I wanna catch besides a oyster toad fish or a oyster cracker it’s the last thing I wanna catch: sand perch don’t wanna eat it, don’t wanna use it for bait all gone all my clams are gone again like I just put it down I don’t like that [Erin:] Yea, I bet you mine are gone, too ok [Brendon:] Perch? [Erin:] Yea! Got a perch on my clam Hello little perch guy We’re being very selective about the fish that we harvest today, so I’m gonna throw this one back.

I don’t think it’s quite big enough. It’s pretty big, but not big enough And now, unfortunately, I have to go rebait [Brendon:] On the clam But, you know, it got bitten off so many times before I could actually hit a striper I don’t know if it was worth it, you know? Ok, we’re done with clams.

I’m not- [Erin:] I’m over clams [Brendon:] I’m not using clams anymore I just walked all the way down there The second I dropped it, taken. Gone. I’m- I’m done [Erin:] Yea [Brendon:] Did you miss one just now? [Erin:] I think so [Brendon:] It’s probably gone [Erin:] Probably gone [Brendon:] Ok, clam test over! Don’t like it very much I like the crabs a lot more Next up, bloodworms? [Erin:] Blood worms! [Brendon:] Ok, blood worms next We bought half a dozen jumbo blood worms for.

.. [Erin:] $12 [Brendon:] 12 bucks! $2 each worm [Erin:] They’re just as expensive as [Brendon:] They’re just as expensive as, oh my gosh [Erin:] peelers [Brendon:] As expensive as the peelers Alright, let’s see which works better So, you’re gonna put some on your little hooks, Erin? [Erin:] Yup! [Brendon:] For my big one Got a bigger hook here I’m just gonna slide ’em on like this I don’t typically use blood worms except for like Earlier spring season Not in the fall like this But, I’ll give it a try.

They said it’s working really well here, so… Right off the bat, it’s tougher than the- It’s definitely tougher than the… than the clam It looks really juicy. Very appetizing Let’s see Let’s see if I can hit a striped bass bites already Instant bites the second it hits the ground Alright, I got a million bites And the bait is looking.

.. A- Okay! We’re good! It’s looking good I can keep going with this [Erin:] Huh Spot! I got this spot It has a spot These are really good striper bait because they are so soft, but we have so much bait today I don’t think we need it Another spot huh interesting huh [Brendon:] Our conclusion with the blood worms: what do you think, Erin? [Erin:] I was very surprised to find that all I really caught was spot [Brendon:] And that’s it Usually, I catch striped bass on it too and and regular perch but I didn’t hit anything with this one [Erin:] Right [Brendon:] Um, it stayed on better than the clams [Erin:] Definitely [Brendon:] But, the clams caught all sorts of different things I think the clams worked better here Uh, but you have to be prepared to continually put more clams on all of them are like that Like, all of them are pretty soft Um But I think all-in-all, the crab was the hardest for them to pick off and it also caught us the biggest fish So if you guessed crab, You win! Congratulations! That was a really fun test I’ve always been curious which would work best I stick with the thing I know works I didn’t know if these other 2 would work very well Tried it out Man, they both worked well [Erin:] I think the crabs worked the best here today, maybe something else will work different where you are Comment below what works best in your area! Is it shrimp? Is it live bait? [Brendon:] I think shrimp would’ve worked really well here [Erin:] I know! They were eating shrimp all morning [Brendon:] Yea, a lot of- most of them- their stomachs were filled with shrimp If you guys want more help, we do all sorts of different kinds of ebooks, tutorials, and guides We have a lot of crash courses on our website that we’re teaching you how to do all these different kinds of fishing Whether it be learning how to tie a knot, whether it be learning how to tie certain kinds of rigs, we’ve got a whole bunch of different crash courses that I have written personally Uh, from the stuff that I’ve learned basically the few years of just fishing fishing fishing Um, if you wanna help support our channel and maybe you wanna read- you wanna have a nice, interesting read, you wanna learn something new, Check out our website! Check out our ebooks! Uh, we put out a new episode every week Hit that subscribe button if you like our show, hit that little notification bell if you wanna be alerted every time we put a new episode out That’s all- that’s all I gotta say [Erin:] That’s- that’s all I gotta say.

Yea [Brendon:] PEACE! [Erin:] Bye! Thank you!


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