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Fish Tech Fishing Tip: Spring Pike Fishing

Fish Tech Fishing Tip: Spring Pike Fishing

hi George summer here with fish Tech Outfitters we’re gonna get you geared up for some spring northern pike fishing we could get you all the tips tackle and techniques you need to get out there and catch one of those big toothy critters first thing you’re gonna need is either some steel leader or some hard mono or some heavy fluorocarbon to prevent those fish from biting through your leader some of the key lures to use lipless crankbaits these are by far my favorite you can use a spinnerbait a lot of bass guys have spinner baits in their tackle box suspending jerk baits work really well especially these bigger sizes now we’ve got something that looks like a perch a lot of places a key in on perch the old favorite jointed Rapala and fire tiger that works well on northern pike and Tiger Lisi’s a muskie spinner these are deadly as well easy to use and then one of the things I like to do I like to go fly fishing for pike then I’ve got some flies that I’ll take typically you’re gonna want to use a sink tip line and then one of these flies based on the depth of fish or AB there are some special regulations especially on you bow to make it a trophy fishery so I’ll help us out by keeping some of the small ones those big ones can be back in there we’re tips and techniques like these and many others stop in and see us at fish Tek Outfitters and now for tonight’s fishing line you


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