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Fish Tech Fishing Tip: How to Catch Crappie

Fish Tech Fishing Tip: How to Catch Crappie

okay it’s getting that time of the years as the crappie should start bike hi I’m Dan Smith specific outfitter here’s the best way I know to catch crappie get you a little grub or whatever lure you want put a little sinker up above it a slip bobber and a bobber stock you can set that barber stop to the depth of crappie are ninety percent of the time they’re suspended off the bottom so you really don’t want to fish the bottom to do this you need an assortment of bobber and reason why you have an assortment is because all lures aren’t the same weight so you want that bobber to be able to hold that lure up get you in an assortment of gig heads get your assortment of grubs and lures get you some bobber stops and also get get some weight and the reason wife for the weight is to get the little teeny lures down to the right depth one more thing that I suggest to do is always use a crappie nibble no bait no bite I a lot more coffee if I use these crappie nibbles if you have any questions on any of these lures or how to set this rig up come on down to fish tech and we’ll help you out now for the night fishing you


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