Home Fishing Tips Fish Hook Barb Removal, Barbless Hooks – How and Why

Fish Hook Barb Removal, Barbless Hooks – How and Why

Fish Hook Barb Removal, Barbless Hooks – How and Why

…crimp the, I forgot to crimp the, the barb on that, so I better do that right now. Yeah. Sport fishing, you need to crimp it, right? All fishing now. All fishing? Even the commercial guys. Oh yeah.

Actually it started with the commercial guys, and it was so successful, there were so few fish lost. Yeah. That the FO realized that everybody should be crimping the hook. Right. It saves, it saves fish, and it doesn’t really lose fish.

Right. Now what I’ve just done is, a barb…. You clipped the barb off. If I can find a hook here that…. Yeah. Okay, there’s a barb right there. Yeah. That sticks out, and if you get caught with that, you get 150 dollar fine.

Right. So we have to take those off. And we take them off by crimping them with the vice grips. Yeah. And you just pull that barb into the shaft. Now there’s nothing there. Yeah. There’s absolutely nothing that can get caught on that.

Yeah. My finger would be ripped to shreds if it was a real barb. Yeah. So that allows the fish to get off without injuring it, right? Yes, you have to take it off. Yeah. Or if you don’t keep a tight line, he’ll get off too.

Yeah. Yeah. Alright. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. brandhagen@gmail.com


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