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Fall Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Fall Smallmouth Bass Fishing

(music) alright team Charge! (take me out on the water) we eat, fish eat! (way out in the woods) (where the breathing is easy the living is good) (out in the great outdoors) and welcome to larry smith outdoors we’re sponsored by the badger sportsman magazine, bartlein barrels, warrior boats, big snow resort, wings over wisconsin, mikes country meats, midwest shooters supply, burgers smokehouse, dowco, vexilar, dick smiths bait and tackle, komelon measuring tools, kmiec law firm, norms ag, and jiffy.

and remember its a great day to be alive. (out in the great outdoors) holy moly! (music) (music ends) (music) (music) hey and welcome to larry smith outdoors. boy I’ll tell ya what today we have got a very interesting show.

I guarantee you its something that you have never seen on an outdoor television show so make sure you stay tuned and see whats going on. We’re with our good friend adam walton. I’ll tell ya adam boy oh boy last winter we did the ice safety scenario this time we really have something going and talk about a huge group of people involved in this to make it work.

I’ll tell ya what take it from there. Yeah we stepped it up a notch here, were gonna talk about hunting accidents prevention and treatment of common injuries that we come across from tree stand falls to gun shot wounds, tourniquette placement are gonna be some of the main topics to my right I have Dr Chris Wistrom from Mercy health, my dad Andy Walton whos farm were filming on.

We also have Edgerton fire department first responders and EMTs that are gonna help do and evac and treatment of the victims and the special guests are the REACT flight crew so the medivac helicopter will be coming in also.

We’re gonna put a helicopter down here? We’re gonna land the bird right here in this field and they’re gonna show us how to do evac with critically injured subjects. That’s sounds very interesting can’t wait.

Hey don’t you dare turn that channel cause I’ll tell ya don’t think this can’t happen to you or somebody you know. Stay tuned. Let’s see what happens today out here with Adam Walton. (music) (music) Creating a fishing boat that delivers unsurpassed fishability, speed, and performance on the water is achieved through an ongoing commitment to quality and a driving passion for making great boats even better.

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com or look us up at your local grocery store. (music) (dummy groaning) (music) Hey! Hey! Holy cow! (groaning) Who are you? Whats your name? Doc where are you? Hang on, I’m gonna call 911. (groaning) This is Andy Walton, I’m at 6001 W country road M Edgerton.

I got a guy that looks like he fell out of a tree stand here. He’s got a broken leg. He’s screaming but he’s not answering me. (music) (music) (music) Can you tell me your name? Doc! (groaning) (inaudible) He’s breathing good.

I got a pulse. Strong radial pulse. Let’s get a collar on him. Looks like he fell 10-15 feet out of a tree stand here. (groaning) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (helicopter sound) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) alright.

Thank you guys. (music) (helicopter sound) (helicopter sound) (music) So Dr Wistrom, what actually happened to our hunter when he fell on the gound? The concern is not only the fall, but the fall from a great height.

Any fall from 2-3 times your height is a huge mechanism of injury that needs to go to a trauma center. Also whats on the ground around. Look at the ground around us here he was very lucky. Look at this, he could of fell right on that branch on that log.

Absolutely. They’re pretty darn sharp so if a guy were to get impaled on something like that, you’re talking a whole different set of injuries. This guy in particular had a broken leg, he’s very lucky he didn’t hit his head and render himself unconscience but frankly we don’t know.

How long was this guy out here before he came to? He most certainly has a head injury from falling. It’s an easy way to deflate a lung, cause internal bleeding, break bones, or fall on something laying around on the ground.

Very dangerous that uncontrolled fall from that height most certainly a problem we would suspect many injuries. If you come up on someone whos fallen from a height like that, one of the things you want to avoid is moving him.

A suspected head, neck, or back injury anything like that is very common especially from a fall like this. If at all possible don’t move the victim. The only reason to move him would be if its truly life saving.

Something where they werent able to control their airway, or theres a fire on the ground, something where it would be truly necessary to move them. That sounds good. Stay tuned, let’s see what comes up next here on Larry Smith Outdoors.

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Enjoy our product reviews, quick tips, and all of our articles on our website today. (music) Good morning Dano, you know what? It looks like a great day to be alive. How do you like my new wrap on my truck? Looking sharp.

Pretty nice. you know what? Now we need to find a sponsor that has truck accessories that wants to sponsor Larry Smith Outdoors. Get some fancy rims on here, visors, hey if anybody knows anybody give us a shout.

That would be awesome! Really dress this truck up! I’m going fishing, see ya later. (music) (music) (music) (inaudible talking) (inaudible talking) (inaudible talking) (talking) (inaudible) Bass guys.

They’re all the same. (music) You done? I’m sorry, are we having a show here? (laughing) Hey good morning and welcome to larry smith outdoors what an explosive day were gonna have today. I’ll tell ya what, we’ve got quite the crew on the boat, we’re on Big Green, About 15 minutes from my house, one of my favorite bodies of water.

We’re gonna be doing some smallmouth fishing but I’m hoping that we can actually get into a few walleyes a little bit later and should be a great day. We got some crazy weather coming in the rest of the week so we definitely picked the right day for it.

Hey we’ve got Beth Lippert from the Badger Sportsman magazine, Wisconsin’s oldest magazine, we’ve got Christy Larsen again from the Badger Sportsman magazine. Where’s your hat Christy? And of course, we’ve got our new plastic sponsor Dan from GetBit baits.

You know something, I’ve learned this morning already, its the first time I’ve been in the boat with Dan, Bass guys, no offense to anyone, but bass guys like to talk a lot! He’s kinda reminding me of our old friend Matt Bichanich in the back.

We waited 15 minutes to do the opener for the show! I’ll tell ya what, lets see what happens today out here on big green and hopefully we smack a lot of nice smallmouth on the new plastics that Dan’s got coming out and we’re gonna have a great day! Hey now wait a minute Larry! Let’s get this straight! What’s that? I’m a multi-species angler! You do know that I hold 3 world line class records with my fly rod don’t you? I absolutely did not! A walleye, a smallmouth, and a steelhead trout.

In fact my nicknames Steely Dan thats where I originated from was trout fishing! Guess he shut you up… The only thing I got to say to him is an old phrase from an old friend: This is only a 30 minute show.

(laughing) (music) (music) Hey Shotgun Chef Steve Schafer, I am back in the house! Enough of that cooking on remote spots! What were making here, I posted this a couple months ago on Facebook, I have french vanilla texas toast were gonna make french toast this morning.

I got Burgers smokehouse bacon already on the pan. I’m gonna use that as my oil underneath my french toast. I’m gonna make it two ways today. I have french vanilla which I posted on Facebook and I got a new one, chocolate fudge toffee or whatever its called.

What you do is stir the egg up, gonna throw the french vanilla in there. Whatever you guys feel like, instead of milk I use the french vanilla and it really puts some flavor to your toast. See the color its turning? Put in however much you want.

Take your toast, dredge it, get it nice and soaked. Now I just saw a guy on Facebook, I’m not gonna do it, but it looks pretty good. He took a knife and sliced it down the center and took chunks of chocolate candy bar and stuffed it so when it was done cooking and the kids bit into it, the chocolate oozed out.

I’m gonna slide my bacon over folks. And throw my french toast on. I’m gonna turn it up about 350. I dont know if its good for you, but they enjoy it. Same thing, stir up your eggs. I got two eggs in there.

You probably could have mad two or three pieces of toast but I’m going this route, one a piece, to see what’s better. As you can see I’m in a hurry to catch up to my bacon. I want everything done at the same time.

There’s that noise you like to hear… (music) (music) There we go! Nice color! Check this one out. That’s what you want to see. That golden brown like that. Nice little sear on it. (music) (music) I made this recipe for Larry’s clients out on Winnebago the other day.

We did it at the boat launch. We went through a whole loaf of bread. That’s how good it was. Let’s dig in and see what these things taste like. I’m gonna try this one, I’ve made the other one before. Chocolate toffee.

That’s what you want to see inside. See how moist that is? That’s hot! Here’s what the deal is, you take the nice smokey bacon with the sweet maple syrup, That’s an awesome combination right there. hey guys, if you make it for the kids make sure the wife’s outta town cause this probably isn’t very good for them.

.. (music ends) Wings over wisconsin. A non profit organization dedicated to natural resource restoration, preservation, and education with youth and community involvement. Through cooperation with private landowners, state and federal agencies, wings over wisconsin has been a leader in the preservation of our natural wildlife habitat with donated dollars staying in wisconsin, for wisconsin.

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Vexilar. always innovating. Never imitating. For nearly 60 years vexilar has been the innovator to help anglers catch more fish. The flx sonar technology changed the flasher sonar world forever with the creation of the vls 28 Now the flx-12 features a brilliant display and easy to use 2 button control system.

The flx-20 is packed with features like zoom zones and a 3 color palette display. To learn more about flx technology visit vexilar.com (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (laughing) What happened? Hey, couple things to say to you.

(laughing) Youre telling me your not a bass guy? For one thing, before you took off youre looking for the foot pedal like a bass guy, the hot foot. The other thing is every bass guy is drive it like you stole it! Look at all my gear laying all over the place! Look at Christy! Look at me! You’re sure you’re not a bass guy? (laughing) Your multi-species? I’m a little bit concerned today.

What I got to start out is a 2.75 inch tube. Were gonna be using GetBit baits tube. It’s one of my favorite colors, its leech were the only ones on the market that have it. It represents the bottom color of a leech, that light grey, hopefully this will be lucky for the girls and they can start smacking the fish.

(music) (music) Hey Dan, Steely Dan! You are a bass guy you got the first one! I just want to know why the ladies are casting on the inside and your casting the outside. That is a big fish for sure. Wow! I’ll tell ya what, get bit baits.

Nice fish! Thats a nice fish! Whoa! Jumped right in the net! Did you see that net job? That was perfect. Kent Andersen if you’re watching did you see that net job? He’s always harassing me because last year I lost a big walleye for him.

Hold that fish up. Hey I’ll tell ya what Dan, that was your 3rd cast and you pounded that smallmouth. I have to admit to you, I would never have used tube jigs this time of year. Most of the guys out here this time of year are using live bait.

They’re using suckers. I never thought you could get them on plastics this time of year. That’s the great part about fishing, you’re always learning. yeah and you can catch these fish all the way up until the water temp is in the low 40s with tubes.

Holy cats. You just gotta change your presentation. Slow it down, sometimes they want a real slow crawl across the bottom. That hook got him good. Let’s get him back in the water. (music) Nice job. Hey! Dan! Steely! We got two Dans in the boat so I gotta call you Steely! What do you got going on here? Oh nice job! Thats a nice fish! Suppose I should get a net for you.

I thought you bass guys always lip everything? I can lip him if you want! No, I’ll net him… You did such a great job last time, you caught it in the air. I guess you can say you caught a fish! I gotta catch them somehow.

.. Nice deal! Are you gonna let these girls catch some fish? I offered to give them my fishing rod the next bite so, they’ll get some bites just gotta stay patient don’t worry. Christy and Beth said break out the Mikes Country Meats so we will.

I got a mouth full of beef jerky! What? That’s a nice fish! As soon as you start eating the Mikes Country Meats! Whoa! its about a six pounder! Whoa! Whoo hoo! Look at the size of this bass! I’ll tell ya that! This is absolutely a giant! Oh my goodness! Whoo! Yeah! Whoo ho ho ho! Dan that was on one of your baits for sure! Wow! That is a giant for sure.

Wow. We gotta get the 35 out, make sure we get a lot of pictures. (camera clicks) Look at that giant! That is absolutely awesome! How heavy would you say that fish is? That is definitely 6 plus it might even be a 7 pound fish.

I know guys that bass tournament fish with me that have never caught a fish this big and have tried for years! This is a trophy of a lifetime! How many inches is that fish? This here is probably 21-22 inches.

Lets measure it real quick then get her back in the water. Thats a giant fish. 21 right on the bump right here! Nice fish! Christy that’s the way to start the day off! Yeah! Great job! Lets get that fish back in there and let him go.

Definitely. (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) Got a really awesome weed bass everyone! That is, thats a trophy! Good job! Wanna hold that one nice for a pic? Absolutely! Thanks! Alright! Got this one in the boat! Ok, clean release.

Bye weed. Bye weed. (music) (music) Nice job! Alright good job! That’s a nice fish, I’ll tell ya what Beth! Just keep fighting him out. That’s a nice fish for sure! Wow! Gotta like that! Oh! I’m not as good as you! It’s ok I’ll bring him around.

Good job. Keep fighting him! Get that fish in! Nice job! Whoo ho ho! Beth! Yeah! Beth Lippert! See I don’t know why we went to any of your spots Larry we shouldve just stayed on my spots all day! That’s right! Thats a chunker too! Nice! Awesome! See? Hard work it pays off right? Lot of hard work! Hey Beth, tell me something about the Badger Sportsman magazine? It’s the best magazine around! OH! Larry’s got one! Do you? Yeah!! Yeah! Game on! This is on Steely Dan’s rod too! I’ll tell ya what! Wow! Wow! That’s a beauty! It’s a nice fish! Talk about these fish all of a sudden, all we had to do was talk about the Badger Sportsman magazine and look what happens? I catch one! Nice job! Whoo! Yeah, I’m loving it! That is so cool! Unbelievable! You catch one, I catch one, that’s the way it should be! Why is yours always bigger than mine? It was like that before! We wont talk about that, that big perch that I caught.

Excellent job. Thank you for having us Larry. This has been amazing! Thank you for coming along with us. Lady luck prevails! Yeah! Let’s see if we can catch a few more on Dan’s tube jigs. Alright! Nice job! Whoa! What is that? This might be a laker.

.. That came to life all of a sudden I’ll tell ya what! I hope its a bass, did you see what it is? It’s a pike! Big pike! Nice pike! I said I’m surprised we haven’t seen a pike yet today. That is a dandy pike! Here he comes! Nice! That’s a nice pike! Nice job Steely! Steely Dan! Nice job! On the tube! Buy get bit baits and get bit more often! Thats a good deal! You betcha! Now one more fish and we’re outta here.

..two more casts and were outta here…If it was one more fish for him we’re gonna be here all night! You’re never going home Dan! You’re never going home! Ha, ha, ha, ha!!! Never going home! (music) Hey Christy, how can people get a hold of the Badger Sportsman magazine? Thank you for asking Larry, You can go to our website www.

badgersportsman.com and you can subscribe online, we’re also available at quite a few different stores across the state, you can check that list also on our website or you can give us a call at the office: 920-230-3474 You can subscribe over the phone.

For all of you who do subscribe thank you very much we really enjoy making it for you and for those of you who don’t please do! Thank you! Thank you Larry! Let’s go in! You wanna catch some walleyes?? Shut up! One more cast! Just one more! One more? (laughing) You guys can go back out after we leave! Drop us off! One more! If I hear the church bells your swimming! You know I’ve learned one thing about life.

Never make a woman mad. We better head in. (laughing) (music ends)


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