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Ep.2: Using The Tenkara Rod

Ep.2: Using The Tenkara Rod

It’s very easy to use a tenkara rod. So, right now the rod is collapsed. There’s a plug that keeps everything inside protected, inside the handle. You’re gonna remove the plug. If the rod doesn’t have a place to store the plug like our rods do, just put in a dedicated pocket so you don’t lose it.

To extend the rod, what you’re gonna be doing is holding the rod really close to the opening, tilting it so that you can control the segments coming out. The tip of the rod has the hard tip made of carbon fiber and a soft braided material.

Typically, you’re gonna be tying the line to the rod before extending it out. So you’re gonna have the hard tipping side expose only the braided material, tie it on, and then you’re gonna proceed to extend the rod out.

To extend the rod, you’re gonna pull one segment after the other until the next segment is snug with the first one. And you do it in order until you reach the end. Some of the rods might be adjustable.

So for example, this is the Sato, one of our primary rods. You can fish at a 10 feet 8 inches, and you pull it straight out, 11 feet 10 inches, 12 feet 9 inches. To collapse the rod, we’re just gonna do it in reverse.

So with the adjustable rods, you’re gonna push it in until it locks in place, push the next one in, and then you start collapsing the rod on the first large segment, one after the other. I like to use two fingers as opposed to a whole hand when I’m doing that.

And the other thing is try to hold the rod close to the joint as opposed to far away as you push it in. And that prevents a lot of breakages. And that’s it. At the end of the day, you’re gonna put your plug in, protect everything inside, and that’s your tenkara rod.


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