Home Fishing Tips Easy ice fishing tip up alarm for under $3.00!!

Easy ice fishing tip up alarm for under $3.00!!

Easy ice fishing tip up alarm for under $3.00!!

all right here’s fish I’m armed I made for tip-ups so when you’re in your Icehouse you can watch movies play cards drink beer or whatever you don’t have to constantly babysit them works good everything I bought right here Amazon kombu fish alarm just hooked up a some line there about 11 12 inches clip I bought hardware store another aftermarket clip I bought hardware stores these things pretty pretty easy hardware store just make sure you bend it a little bit and then Bend else and get your line in there pretty easy and as how I set it up clip it in the back wanna make sure you long those who you’re I’d hook here that’s why I bent it off to the side so you get in there real easy and just clip to the back your flag post make sure you got a little stopper so it stops so it pulls the string so you go on to pull an angle because it will not work and then when you get a bite fish takes it boom you know it anyway that’s a setup and don’t forget to unhook this and you get a bite or else I’ll Drive you crazy


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