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Drive -To River Trout & Bass Fishing | Northern Ontario

Drive -To River Trout & Bass Fishing | Northern Ontario

the outpost lodge was built in 1938 by a  university of chicago professor clarence hodge   and he and a group of investors came  up here and developed the outpost oh i think that that doesn’t seem to  be fighting like a uh like a trout so i’ve got a nice smallmouth boss here looking  for trout but nice fashion i’m just going to   there we go there we go welcome to the new fly fisher i’m your host  jenna mckeown and on today’s show we are in   beautiful algoma country at the outpost lodge  we’re going to be fishing for smallmouth bass   and creeks and lakes and if we’re lucky we might  even get to fish for rainbow and brook trout in   the creeks and the rivers it’s going to be a great  episode with lots of instruction so stay with us oh that’s a nice size fish i will catch these all day that is  what you’re in for on this episode the new fly fisher is supported by destination  ontario algoma country that reel orvis fly fishing   trout unlimited real products oscar blues brewery global rescue adipose boat works algoma country is one of my  favorite regions to fly fish   situated in the center of northern ontario  canada algoma is known worldwide for its   incredible multi-species fishing opportunities a  true fly angler’s dream plentiful in rivers creeks   and lakes the algoma region even borders several  of ontario’s largest bodies of water likely huron   this week we are the guests of jim  and anne owners of the outpost lodge   which is located just north of thessalon ontario this drive to location which is within  two hours of the u.

s canada border   is ideal for anglers who are searching for  a wide variety of fishing opportunities   all within less than a 10-minute  drive from the main lodge my original plan for this trip had been  to fish the creeks and the rivers in   the area for rainbow and brook trout  however mother nature had another plan   throughout our stay at the outpost lodge  we received one to two inches of rain per   day which in turn put the water levels in  the local creeks and rivers over the banks   high water levels are usually detrimental to  trout fishing as the fish will be spread out   and less likely to hold in one location to  feed despite this initial setback i was not discouraged one of the best things about the location of  the outpost lodge is its proximity to several   different bodies of water and the area’s  reputation for massive smallmouth bass we were guided this week by lodge owner jim  kehoe who was able to take us to some of his   favorite locations to fish for smallmouth bass  we’re here at uh axe lake launch on tunnel lake   five minutes away from the outpost sustained  water reservoir with 14 miles of lake   from this point that we fish for a smallmouth  walleye lots of big bass so we’re hoping today to   get some of those post-spawn bass and uh  thinking that they’re probably gonna be   heading to some of the points and rock piles  so we’ll concentrate there and see what we can find so the key i think right now is going to be  varying up my retrieve i think based on the   cold weather they’re going to be taking a little  bit slower but right now i’m still not quite sure   what’s going to work in terms of retrieve so  i’m going to vary it up do short strips do   long strips slow fast kind of see what’s really  going to get the fish to take a bite and another   one here we go there we go that’s a fish right  oh kicking right there at that drop off to the the bites are coming really right  there at the drop off to the eight   10 feet of water that jim said is right here  off this rocky point i’m excited i need to get   i need to get a fish in the boat i’m going  to get i’ll fly back out there and see   it’s always important to go in sharpen your  hooks after you’ve caught a couple rocks or   logs or even after if you cut if you catch a big  fish checking your fly and checking your hook   to make sure they’re still in working conditions  crucial to making sure you don’t lose those fish there sean there we go this fish  is fighting well i haven’t had   a look at it yet but it’s feeling  like it might be a good sized bus or i don’t know let’s see that’s a good size fish come here buddy come here buddy there we go that is a decent  sized bass look alrighty the hook pops up nice and  easy and it’s a beauty fish the outpost lodge was built in 1938 by a  university of chicago professor clarence hodge   and he and a group of investors five of  them came up here and developed the outpost   four cottages and the main lodge with running  water at the outpost we have accommodations for   um any number of people from a single person up  to eight to ten in in the cottages we have six   cottages from one to four bedrooms they all  have a full kitchen full bathroom four-piece   bath they have fireplaces and automatic heat as  well as the fireplaces and they’re all separated   by trees so they’re all quite private and so  people can come up and take care of their own   you know food or or you know needs or they  can come into the lodge and meet with us i’ve been coming to the outpost  lodge since they bought the place   first once a year then twice a year with  the guys in the springtime now for 30 years   last year i came up three times spring  summer and fall i loved it it was great   what keeps bringing me back year after year  is is the setting it’s it’s a gorgeous area uh   it’s it’s very easy to get to you know a lot  of people i think in canada you’ve got to do a   fly-in trip to to be successful and that’s not  the case here it’s it’s very easy access and   it’s lots of different lakes and bodies of  waters rivers streams to take advantage of   despite the high water levels jim suggested we  try fishing one of the small creeks near the lodge   the pools here are known to hold trout smallmouth bass and occasionally even pike fish on okay so i’ve hooked into a couple  fish but this is the first one i’ve   properly set the hook on i  think the problem before was   i really wasn’t uh setting the hook hard  enough what looks like a good sized fish i’m gonna try and back up here scrapper oh awesome  now i’m gonna try and get my fly back in there and   see if we can find some trout they’ve got some  nice calm water and i’ve really been getting   lots of hits when i let my fly swing through and  at the bottom of the pool that seems to be where   they’re striking the most so i’m going to continue  this technique and hopefully pull out a nice trout   oh i think that that doesn’t seem to  be fighting like a uh like a trout   see that’s a bass i was letting my uh letting my  line or my flies float all the way to the bottom so i’ve got a nice smallmouth bass here looking  for trout but nice fashion i’m just going to there he goes   during this trip i principally  used a nine foot six weight rod   for fly lines i mainly used an intermediate  sinking line to get my flies down in the water   column of course i also came prepared with a  floating line if top water action was possible   for the bass for the trout i would recommend you  bring four and five weight rods with floating   lines and possibly a sink tip the flies that  worked this week were rabbit strip wooly booger beaver and tan woolly bugger  and olive sparkle woolly booger   while i did bring other flies these were the most  successful with the bass despite the rainy and   overcast weather jim and i decided to head out on  the main lake to see if we could find some active   fish so we’re back on the main lake today and  i think what we’re going to do is i’m going to   bring up the six weight rod we’re going to use an  intermediate line and try to fish the deeper water   just past the drop-offs the post-spawn female  baths are going to be sulking they’re going to be   kind of getting away from the stress of the  spawn and they’re going to be a little bit deeper   so we’re going to fish that deeper water  hopefully find some active big smallmouth yeah look see the sun’s  coming trying to come through   well we’ve uh gone through the  narrows and come into this uh   east arm of jobamageeshik and there’s a large uh  flat section over here on this edge here it’s uh   quite the drop off instead of 12 and 15 foot  of water here we’re we’re in 20 but yet just   100 feet from here it would be 10 or  12 foot deep so this uh this drop-off   is an important one where the the bass will  drop back into to recuperate after spawning okay so we’ve come to one of these drop-off  ledges and there’s lots of great structure   and it’s right in that deep water that i’ve  seen a couple fish and now we have found   a nice bass so let’s get this kicky guy to the net there we go yeah kicked kick to him let’s see here hold on little guy go beautiful red eye there okay this is right there in the deeper water  right past the drop off amongst the fallen   trees got some really nice structure down there  so let’s get this guy back in hopefully we can   find some more active fish so it really has been  working using the weighted fly we’re using a dark   colored fly with a little bit of flash to it and  slowly working the deeper water that’s where those   bass are hanging out so i’m gonna get my fly back  in the water find some more fish this is so great we had landed some amazing  bass already on this trip   but i was still on the hunt for a  really massive post-spawn female bass   when another weather system came through the  region on our last afternoon jim suggested we go   to a small lake a quick five-minute drive from  the main lodge it’s known for being the secret   honey hole and usually holds some of the biggest  bass and needless to say i was not disappointed   i’ll let my fly sink though so i cast in stripped  it back someone oh there you go another take and   it’s out again goodness i didn’t i oh there  there’s a small pike who’s after that fly but   i was drifting it back somewhat hit it popped out  but the key is when sometimes if your fly pops out   let it sink back down especially if you’re  fishing for pike even for really aggressive bass   they might hit it again if they’re hungry  or if they’re really aggressive fish on whoo   that was a hard hit too i’m not sure  what kind of fish that is there are   small amounts fast in this lake but  there are also pike that’s a bass and here we go fish on and that’s that’s a decent  sized fish from what i can see   holy can you grab the net jim oh my  goodness so we’re right here on this   foggy marshland and something smacked my fly and  that is a good sized bath so let’s get this guy yes whoa that is a great looking bass   all right let’s get the fly out  and see how this fish is doing okay that is a beautiful fish  gorgeous absolutely gorgeous here we go nice fast very very cool all right   this seems to be a great area with all this  structure i’m gonna get him back in the water man that was awesome that was such a great  fish such a great fight and just a true   testament to the kind of big smallmouth  basses you can find in this area of algoma   i’ve had an amazing week here at the  outpost lodge despite difficult weather   and high waters i was able to hook into  some really beautiful smallmouth bass nice fashion i’m just going to there he  goes that is a great looking bass yes if you’d like to learn more about fishing in  algoma the outpost lodge or our show visit us   on the web at www.

thenewflyfisher.com from  all of us here at the new fly fisher thanks   for watching and we’ll see you soon hi i’m mark  melnick from the new fly fisher television show   if you enjoyed that video do me a favor hit  the like button and subscribe today also we’re   uploading new videos all the time so hit the  bell to be notified when the next one goes up   the new fly fisher is supported by destination  ontario algoma country that reel orvis   fly fishing trout unlimited rio products oscar  blues brewery global rescue adipose boatworks do you


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