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Drift Boat Fly Fishing Techniques – Reach Cast

Drift Boat Fly Fishing Techniques – Reach Cast

when fishing from a drift boat or a raft on a river a great presentation is down in the cross to help you achieve a great down in a cross presentation to the trout is a reach cast a reach cast is actually fairly easy to execute with a little practice so let’s take a look at it to do reach cats we’re just going to add one more step to our normal down and across presentation remember in a boat you typically want to lead the boat with your fly when you’re floating down a river so we’re simply going to point the fly to where we’d normally would go then we’re going to slide the rod or pull the rod tip to one side here I’m fishing the right bank so I want my fly line back and up behind the fly at an angle that way the fly leads into the zone first and the fly line comes in right behind it and by doing that reach cast what you’re doing is giving that line a little bit of slack that way the current usually you got faster current between you and your fly now that current can push on that slack line while your fly sitting in the zone and you get the perfect presentation here we’re on the left side now I’m going to present my fly down from the boat and I’m going to slide the rod to the left you’ll notice right when I come to that stop the fly turns over and starts the straight now I’m then gonna smoothly pull that rod to the left that line is now stacked up behind the fly the fly leads the boat and you want to do it as smooth as possible I can’t overemphasize that enough the more you jerk the rod around the more you’re gonna pull the fly out of where you’re originally directed it to if you want to point and then smoothly drop the rod at an angle usually at a 45 degree angle to whatever side you want that line stacked up behind the fly alright that wraps up our tips on the reach cast you have any questions let us know at silver bow fly shop calm and we’ll see you on the river thanks


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