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DIY ice fishing Tip-up Trigger

DIY ice fishing Tip-up Trigger

guys Hyrum here just wanted to go over the trigger that I built and let you guys know how it worked out for me as you can see I just kind of notched a spot here for the flag to sit and it works fine it’s pretty simple far as the eye hook here you definitely want to spread it out a little bit I just took a screwdriver stuck it in here spread it it up a little bit and it pretty much just snapped on it doesn’t take much a little bit of pressure and and it sits right there and just spins right around makes it really nice I measured these eye holes to match up so it fits perfectly in these grooves and just screw it on and with this little setup this works good too this just snaps right on I ain’t never doing with it and that’s pretty much it as far as that goes now the alligator clip I just put some heat-shrink tubing on there and it just works better it catches the braided line better I definitely recommend braided line the mono line doesn’t seem to hold too good on here but and this just goes in just by pressure once you got that going that’s pretty much it and this you know this works great it’s very easy and I just take the line from right at the spool here just set it just like that and that’s pretty much it bring your flag down sit right there pretty nice fish catches it comes right up and one fish pulling it just pops right off you might get a little tug there but it’s it’s worked great I haven’t really lost any fish a couple small ones but they that’s just because my hooks are big but that’s it for that now next video I’ll show you how the alarm works


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