Home Fishing Tips Deep Grass Jigging in Central Illinois with John Murray

Deep Grass Jigging in Central Illinois with John Murray

Deep Grass Jigging in Central Illinois with John Murray

Here we are fishing the middle of summer. It’s probably my favorite time of year. I love coming out here to these lakes that have grass and deep water and you can sort of combine them and catch these fish.

So today we’re going to take a football jig, I’ve got a River2Sea Football Jig here and I’ve got a little crawdad trailer. A little Larew Biffle Bug. I’m going to follow that grass line as it tapers along the steep break.

Where it tapers off and breaks off those bass love it in the summer time. So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to follow this edge, pitch that jig out, and work it like a crawdad. I’m going to get it on the edge, pop it, work it slow, and that’s what those bass are eating.

They’re eating crawdads, and those crawdads and bass are living on that edge where the grass meets the deep water. So we’re going to go try it. Well first of all you want to be organized. A little more organized than this.

You see a lot of rods out and that’s because you’re trying a lot of baits. But really what you want to key in on anytime you’re fishing is fish your strengths. Get your techniques and your baits that you love to fish.

That’s so important in bass fishing. Whether someone has told you that’s a good bait, or you have used them. Use your confidence lures when you’re out bass fishing. That’s going to cut your fishing time in half I think.

Looks like there is a lot of suspended stuff about fifteen feet. Might be a start of a thermocline or something there. Got Him! I thought it was a smallmouth, but it’s not. He thumped that jig pretty good.

With these deep weed fish or the deep crawdad eating fish there’s no time of day that is right or wrong. I mean you can work it in the middle of the day or middle of the sun. That’s probably better even in the heat of the summer you want to work that bait.

Those type of fish are not affected by the sun and the heat so you don’t have to get out first thing in the morning when you’re jig fishing these deep fish. Thought I had one there. Come on. I’ve got that grass, caught that grass.

Another good tip when you’re fishing the deep grass. You feel that grass and a lot of people just jerk it right out to pull it out of the grass. Just try to wiggle it out. Try to get that thing free a little bit and when it snaps out let it fall right back down.

Those fish will watch that thing and just cause its snap to the grass no big deal crawdads are always in the grass. But when it jumps out that’s when those fish are going to eat it. So if you get snagged in the grass let that jig fall right back down and you’re going to catch a lot of fish that were watching that bait getting in the grass.

A lot of times you’ll make a long cast, the bait will be falling, and you pick it up and there will be a fish and you miss him. Drop that rod right then because those fish especially smallmouth will love to take the pinchers off a crawdad and just because it shoots away they’re going to come right after it.

If you just reel it in after that you’re going to miss that opportunity every time. Let jig fall, let it settle, pop it again, and more than likely if you had a fish miss it he will get it that second time.


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