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Creek Fishing + Quick Tips: Watch your line

Creek Fishing + Quick Tips: Watch your line

hey guys it’s few weeks 181 here and just doing a little spring break fishing yes spring break finally I know all that hard work to get a nice week to relax so actually I’m going to Boston tomorrow to visit my brother when he goes there my teeth so that’ll be fun I’ll be there until Sunday gotta come back to school school but yeah just doing some fishing before I leave out of town hopefully I catch a whole lot of fish entertain you guys and you know I’m just for a great season I expect to catch a lot of great different kind of fish this season this year and go a lot go to a lot of different in new places then yeah catch you guys later alright guys today my setup consists of a white curly tail grub and I cut my first bluegill it’s a little son fish of the year um he’s really nice guy I don’t take a quick picture of him for you too you I’m doing is casting is casting repeatedly to these beds right along the edge of the creek so resuming man see if I can get a better view yeah those are those little bright areas or beds that these tiny blue sunfish are making yeah all right guys here’s a little quick tip when Creek fishing it’s essential to use monofilament or any other line that floats because when you’re casting and you’re using these light lures if the line will float on the water and so oftentimes when you see the line twitch or jerk towards where you threw your lure a fish has grabbed it so that’s essential if you if if you if you don’t really feel the line then it’ll be your visual and yeah it’ll be a visual and indicate when you have a bite or not so I’m not sure if you can see my line but right now it’s twitching a little bit so far I’ve only caught one fish so I think I’ll just make this into a quick tip video Oh got a got a bite Oh got a stick yeah yeah just stick to monofilament light line on out even six pound test I use I’m using four right now so yeah stick the light line light lures increase your chances of catching more fish so yep hope you enjoyed alright guys here’s a perfect example of watching inline just when I was about to go on and call it quits um through it through in the gulp life on chartreuse 1 inch 1 inch minnow and I caught this Creek chub just walking the line just do it in right over there where I was casting earlier I was on my way back and threw it in behind just jerked set the hook and caught this nice job alright and get a picture of it and I think I’ll still head in any way cool always be sure to watch your line watch your line watch your line I just caught another fish right one night there with him just do the line in that head in start I’d give it another try um caught this nice green sunfish you


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