Home Fishing Tips Crank Fishing Tip With Taro Murata- Chippawa RB Slow Float Model

Crank Fishing Tip With Taro Murata- Chippawa RB Slow Float Model

Crank Fishing Tip With Taro Murata-  Chippawa RB Slow Float Model

So fun. I love using these. We are on this bite. You know the fishing, there is so many ways. Only limit is your mind. You know So maybe a little natural.. a little bit. I like this one. This one.

This color? That one is good Slow Float Yes, that..that one I lost everything. Can I have that one? Pike took everything. Oh no.. I am casting like in between. Not so accurate. Are you using Slow Float? yap.

I will tell you one little beauty of this. I feel like You don’t have to be that accurate with the slow float. You don’t have to be the best caster. Stop and Go I love that wobble that’s what That is what give me so much prominences when I stop and go They are still moving when I stop.

sometimes a lot sometimes a little bit. That is dangerous little subtle, Like Yamamoto tail. Stop and Go Stop and Go♪ two more behind it. Unreal. See, Stop and Go Yeah Unreal So Sick, eh Stop and Go around the cover.

He ate it. No blade You got it? Fish? big one? Yeah, that is one of my favorite. What color do you call that, Hiroshi? Ghost Shad. Ghost Shad, You heard it. This color is unbelievable I’m loving that.

The water is fairly clear here. that’s my favorite. Clear water color, Ghost Shad. This one has a strength than this one which is against soft cover, like weeds yap So this kind of action if you are go through weeds, the body push weeds and go through.

Oh, rolling through. That is what we were using today. Very good in the weeds. Not so much weed hanged right? No very good Oh! got it! Nice So fun, man So fun I love using these. you’re killing me, man.

hey that’s why I’m Daniel-san and he’s Mr. Miyagi all right I’m just the Karate kid, trying to pick up a few techniques from him Mr. Miyagi, Miyagi-san, Good job. I’ll tell you this, Hiroshi. Every time You said try these lures.

You don’t tell me how to use it, but then when I use it what what blows my mind is every time I use your lures and I see something that you thought about in it. and there’s a new way to use it. He doesn’t tell me anything.

He’s just like yeah just use it. Yeah, I am pretty shy. yeah yeah yeah Unbeleivable. I believe.. I trust you you will find it by yourself. Yeah maybe. That is good. That is fun part of lure fishing, right? Unbeleivable.

Your lures has so many ways to very versatile I think you’re number one you’re number one vision for your product… What is it? Catch fish. Catch fish. My number one product I take people fishing for a living is I need to catch fish.

okay. I trust you lures. It is so important. Yes so important. You got pride I got pride if we don’t catch fish it hurt us. Yeah, it is hard to make a living what’s the difference between these two here.

Buoyancy. This one is original… basic model it has strong buoyancy, like a versa crankbait, and this one is Slow Floating model. Yap, that is what we were using today. yeah, yeah So far this thing. I like this for the stop and go Around the cover, a little bit better.

It is just kind like you can cast it beside something and let it sit there you can reel and stop and let it sit there and the fish are coming out oh it’s almost like fishing a jig Oh around cover where you can rest the bait but I’m actually using the crank bait.

On a short-cast, You let the bait just sit there and pause and then I move it again and tease them. You know On a shortcut. Now the other one, on a long time so you have more time to be coming down the fish track it but if you’re in a short, in a tight spot.

. I really like this one. okay Tight, Short cast. I really like now. Just slow it down. You can reel it fast too. just very versatile also this lure I noticed. well, all of them… you know. One of the key is when you let them float up it has a nice little natural shimmy.

Actually, Yeah and the fish are biting it during that time. Maybe they don’t understand anything that we’re talking about but what they will understand that They are going to catch fish. Oh yeah yeah.

I can’t believe it. I cannot believe how much success I’ve had on these crankbait. So you fish with many people every day. Every day. Maybe top level angler All Levels and middle, and…. For me, I want baits that are easy to use everybody I don’t care if you are 3 years old or 93 years old beginner, bass master champion.

I want baits that are going to catch fish everyday, and these crankbait. You know I’ve got pike, I’ve got Rock bass, I’ve got perch, I’ve got….carp. everything bits it. we caught it in cold water when using hot water and using weed, using wood.

We’ve tested it so many scenarios and every time we catch fish. Thank you so much. and appreciate for the valuable feedback every time. Yeah that helps our lure better. it really honored to fish with the master Lure master yourself and learned so much from you.

You know. I am so lucky. Many people told me This guy is the maybe top-five lure designers in the world. People said that. So for me to fish with him is very lucky. Watch masters like this. someone with lots of heart and passion in the fishing and the product you can see it your heart is in the product every time.

Unbelievable. Thank you. I am happy. I am happy You know.. with our good friendship. Yeah Yeah. Friend with great fisherman. Fish crazy, just like me. Just like me. Some time of weird…. We are on the same bridge.

We will make more bait. okay


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