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Cold Weather Trolling Rod Tip

Cold Weather Trolling Rod Tip

hey guys how’s it going I am just starting to get all my stuff ready to go for Barack taking all the masses stuff out and getting the Betamax stuff in it is a different type of fishing up there you know it’s almost all night below freezing big water big waves big fish that kind of stuff so my entire approach changes basically my equipment changes and some of the things i’d do to my programs change as well but one of the things i’ve been doing for the last three years or so is for my egg mented ledcor trolling which I do a lot of the time up there I’ve gone to these five foot like or trolling rights or called shorties most people use them as they’re inside rod on a flat line ledcor spread but what I’ve been using a using them with planer boards the last three years and it has made things a lot more enjoyable a lot more safe for that type of fishing and I’m going to continue to use them for for loaning them up there so the reason I use these five foot rides off is when your floor turns into an ice skating rink which it does on several lights up there the last thing you want to do is ask people that aren’t comfortable being in a boat being in waves don’t have sea legs to be shuffling around in a bow in the middle and that you just don’t want that to happen so you can minimize people shuffling around that’s even better so with these five foot rides I don’t have to say like you know in fact if man could make a kink at the border walk backwards walk backwards here comes a fish they can just stay right here at the back of the boat and just crank you know and I’ll toad tell them to move anywhere they can fall right here they can fall on me if they want to whatever it all works out good when it comes time to setting lines in the United night it’s nice because I don’t have to sit there and reach up for the rod tip you know it’s it’s right here I just drop the rod right here put my plane report on and let it out when your guides start freezing you know this this like coraline it absorbs a lot of water so as you’re letting line back out all that water is collecting on these guides and it really freezes you know pretty bad so having a shorter ride with with less guides helps to eliminate a lot of the freezing that happens you know if you want to get to the right tip real quick to thought out there you go you just you just cleared it you don’t any of these you can get to real quick just to take your fingers and pinch them out of the of the ceramic guides are clearing ice is an easy thing to do the only disadvantage really is when you are using Sigma Italy and you don’t have your entire segment of lead behind the planter board like some of it is actually in between the rod tip and the planner board you get a real big sag in the line and if you don’t have your rod tip way up in the air to compensate for that that line will actually go underneath the planner board which is a side of it and tangle so I use these 26 inch rod spacers or on extensions I had those the front here and basically that converts my 5 foot rod into a much taller rod which helps get that line off the water you know and out of out of the danger zone so I don’t get tangled so by using these random other extensions I’m able to stick with all all 5 foot rides and it has made things so much more safe and even more fun about to when you bringing in 10 11 12 pounders with little 5 foot rides it’s a it’s pretty exciting it really is it’s something you should try you know if you’re not comfortable in a boat especially at night in the big water using something like this if you go up to give it a try it would probably be be be bit idea so between now and when I go up I’ll just share a few more things of what i like to do up there to make my time more productive and efficient on the water so there’s one and stop back when you get a chance take care guys have a great week see you


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