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*** Coarse & Match Fishing TV *** Jamie Hughes 12 Tips for Christmas

*** Coarse & Match Fishing TV *** Jamie Hughes 12 Tips for Christmas

well without doubt for me this winter one of my key lessons of lands with being out four or five even six times a week up in not the last few weeks teaching I’ll fish in a few matches its dressing properly in the winter I see it so many times that people go down the layering up options are put loads of layers on and think that back and do the trick all they just know not the right stuff to start with having decent clothing during the winter I can’t tell you how in valley below this it’s definitely we’re spending a few quid on the proper items whether it be wind Stoppers or softshell fleeces winter suits that are phenomenally warm just to help you out when you’re fishing they definitely catch you so more fish because you remain concentrating throughout the whole session there’s nothing worse than being freezing cold with two hours to go when the fishing actually starts when it starts getting good towards the end so definitely it’s well worth buying yourself some decent kit and a little sneaky dip just to go a bit off topic is me being a bit of a tart what I’ve also gone down the route off its some heater clothing yeah I’ve got some of that blades wear and heater tops underneath map my normal gear just so when it’s really really cold and I can press my little magic button and that makes everything lovely and warm just for that last period of the match but yeah definitely let me main thing that I’m trying to get it’s just bad piercings for proper winter clothing it without doubt catches you more fish join in the winter that’s a little trick that I’ve always found that really helps me to to maintain the right depth all the time it’s usually shot underneath my float yeah I’ve seen lots and lots of people over the years but the load of tippex things like that over the pole which to be fair remind they shouting new poles the last thing I want to do but no joking aside when it comes to marking you that with tip X I find that there’s no problem doing that with solid elastics of a normal sixth grade than lower because they don’t have the power to change your rig but anytime you’re using hollow elastics thick hollow elastics because they have a lot of power a lot of pull to them generally you’re fishing them on commercial fisheries for cap they can actually change your rig all the time so they can create your line to stretch in different ways different more stretch or less air stretch depending on what end the elastics at your pole how much pressure you put on in each fish you’ve caught which in ten if you marry up to your mark if you put cippec’s on your pole that can alter quite differently probably as much as two or three inches either way depending on the pressure that your elastics put on your line and how much your line stretching so to get that out the equation altogether for me I’ll always use a little tiny shot or stops in those case right underneath me float and we’re having just a couple of in that case of here I’ve got two number 11s there it’s a fixed marker that’s never ever gonna move or hopefully never never gonna move as long as the fish doesn’t go through a snag or something that’s gonna mark my depth at all time so I know that those shot wants it plumbed off and my floats out just above them it’s their depth so I can always add that thought if I want to cause I’m not gonna want to go off the bottom if I do I’m gonna have to pull em off again but they’re nice fix mark they’re always going to show exactly where I need to be with the correct depth on my rig it’s in they’ll also act as their I call them my fine tuners in there because I’m using little tiny ones so just to normal Evans I can take them on and off or swap them for twelve thirteen it’s put a big one on whatever just to get my bristol how I want it so they benefit that I can mess up my bristol a little bit if the conditions changed just by alternate shot down here well I’m not messing about with the shot that are down the bottom that are there to do a job the last thing I want to do with the shop swapping shot there at bottom I rigged so these allow me a bit more versatility my rig so I can pop it up and down just if the light changes and things like that right I want to focus on float bristles which is something I’ve never really covered in depth on it in a video before it’s again somewhere I see people using the wrong bristles at the wrong time but it’s definitely a little tiny element that’s really we’re thinking of it come without doubt make a difference to what you see what’s going on and whether you can see what’s going on as well which I’ll go with more depth or – it in a second so for me I’ve got a couple of pretty much for bristles and they’ll judge from either am a thicker bristle what I need to be able to see my float or a lots happening during the summer months which in that case is a nice thick to miss Jumel brittle I’ll show you that one so by having that in my armory it allows me to see it on that horrible sunny days where you’re fishing against features oh we got a lot of fish in your page on the swimming your fisherman cap and they stick to mil hollow bristle it allows me to see things nice and clearly and helps distinguish line is just just lets me know what’s going on a lot better blows it’s a much more visible and I also touched on there it’s hollow as well I’ll always go with a nice thick hollow bristle because the two different types would listen you can get it’s pretty much hollow and solid as a rule there’s a few more different materials you can use for silver fish fishing but for commercials hollow wood solid in a nice plastic bristle they do the jobs for everything I ever need but what I tend to go down the route of is a user a solid bristle whenever I need and increase the amount of sensitivity yeah I only tend to use one solid bristle float which is a nice little maehlman secret there that he makes me and that’s my maggot fishing and the reason they use a solid bristle is because whenever a maggot fishing I use a very very light form of shutting down the bottom end which intent doesn’t give me much magnification of bites because I’ve got such small shot down the bottom under my rig and there’s not a lot for the fish to move to register a bite so by having a solid bristle with no air and a much lower level of buoyancy it does actually help to to go on there a little bit better when a fisherman listen let nice little delicate rigs it wouldn’t makes a little delicate shot it when it comes to normal fish you might Matt everyday fishing then I tend to go with the either a 1.

2 or a 1.5 mil hollow bristle that’s my normal whatever I’m going to fish pellets meet con whenever I’m setting a little trap and I’ve got a nice little heavy heavy dropper on the bottom end then I can use hollow bristles because they have a bit more buoyancy look a bit less sensitivity intend they will take heavy shot in and keep them nice in place and again I can see them a little bit better and because it’s hollow bristle you find them a lot easier to shot because they’ve got that bit of buoyancy in the tip that makes things a bit better but it’s a it’s definitely worth thinking about the type of bristle you’re using and using it to your benefit if you need a bit more sensitivity then yeah a hollow bristles definitely gonna work a lot better a solid bristle study but it’s a little bit more difficult to see or if you need to see a float a nice thick tip hollow bristle float that’s gonna do the job for you so just have a think about your bristles a little bit more next um yup right something that I see people not putting quite enough thought into it’s how the bait is actually leaving the pot so that that’s all correct pop these shoes of course I think the weight comes due to size a pot what all that comes down to is how much make you want to put in with that I’m not sure I’m too popular that comes down to your peg on the day and I which make you put it in well the actual lid of the pot itself it can make a big difference in the reaction that you get off the fish yeah for me it’s about keeping things simple and I actually use three different types of sort of lid or two lids and one without a lid to create either a different fall or two to try and achieve something else in me peg you’ve run through all three nice and easy so fiercely I’m gonna go and we sprinkle it yeah dead basic comes with loads of different types of pots these days it’s a nice sprinkle it that allows me to put a volume abate into my cup but not put it all into my peg at once so it’s I tend to use me sprinkle is me attract the lid that’s when I want to draw a new fish into me peg and I want to have constant bait falling through the water then I’ll use a little sanding lid I’ll just sort of tear my Pole sort of two o’clock or 10 o’clock and I just tap pellets maggots whatever got in my cup out so there’s a constant air column of eights if you like follow through the water that can be brilliant for when there’s no fish in me swim and I need to pull new fish in or if I’m using light baits like maggots for a constant amount of bait going in really accurately to allow me to catch fish through the water if that’s how they want to feed if I’m after certain species we sit and baits so we sprinkle it allows that to happen lovely second or I blow me nice little round what should we call out just sort of a collar lid if you like all that simply for for me is getting a bait like hard pellets and bigger particles maybe meat maybe a bit of corn out from a peg without it spilling at me pot if I went to rub that in if I was just over solid sides to the pot it can spill really really easily can be a bit of a pain so for feeding any loose loose particle sort of baits a nice little collar is always going to do the job for me in that case it just helps me get it out there and helps me put it in my peg quite quickly it doesn’t sink as it doesn’t go in quite as much as a lump as it would if I had no lid that I’ll talk about in a second but it still gets out there and I get a nice pile of baiting straight to the bottom nice and quick and if I really do feel it I’m nice and steady on the day over to add too many beers the night before I can even use that as a bit of a tapping lid with bigger particles that can fall out if loose feet a few pellets one or two at a time I can still do that with it a nice collar lidka cells keep my baked in as I said lastly it’ll be a cup without any lid on at all this is me bagging rig that comes out on the bagging cup that one I want to introduce a nice little tight pile of bait and get it down very very quickly normally if I’m using their local worms or Bhalla Mike capella it’s even a little tiny bowl of groundbait then that’s the time I’m gonna whiz me lid off ship out there put a pipe tight pile in get it to sink down as quickly as possible because I don’t need to draw any fish intimate peg because hopefully they’re already present and I want to keep them on the bottom then that sort of what’s going to be the job for the day that’s what I’m gonna feed me lobster bait weights keep it nice and accurate so say by having a nice little simple pot in these cases those little new mates which ones I’ve just started playing with they allow me to play a boat my lids you get two nice little simple it’s that pop off but it creates a lot of versatility for your feeding so if you can think about what lid you using and why say hopefully that I’ll be able to keep your peg nice and controlled or if you need to as I said with a sprinkle pot maybe draw a few fish in just by introducing your bait in a different way you’ll be amazed the difference it can make right Noba little edge for me is using bait that matches what I’m feeding during the summer once I’m obsessed with fishing out pellets because I can feed the six Marbella and I can put one on the hook it’s exactly the same in winter it gets a little bit more difficult simply because we were relying so much on either crushed expander which I use a lot to attract fish into my pack or micro pellet or probably the bulkier feed when feed a little tight piles for f1 skimmers cap whatever join the winter they’re meeting the go-to baits are always going to be and they softened off mica palette the issue that I’ve got with expander pellets or normal expanded pellets for Mills is for me I can’t see why fish she’d eaten of course hundreds and thousands of fish get caught on them all the time but fish land without doubt when they’re in these Commission’s they get caught a hell of a lot to get fish for a lot so why on earth you’d continue to eat the single four mil pellet over a bed of micro pellets or groundbait is beyond me I can’t get it in me at so yeah of course it does work they do eat them but for me for confidence I’m all about matching things so that the confidence I have at the minute in little tiny expanders using little tiny and I’m not sure what the solder two and a half mil I think they sold us little tiny expanders that match almost identically or as close as I can possibly get to my airsoft Micra pellet off bait so these will swell up a little bit more of actually only just wet these so they’ve not blown up to the maximum they can but by matching my bait I’m completely confident that when a fish comes into my pack it doesn’t see my bait as the odd one out yes I’m offered four stand out baits in the often that a fish picks out a nice big visible bait without doubt that works in lots of occasions but for me when creating competition I’ve got lots of spooky fish that don’t want to be caught in my peg we should do in the winter with these F ones by blending in my hook bait too exactly want to feed in it just gives me confidence that when a fish is in the peg I’m not giving it a reason to avoid my bait other than the fact that it’s got big lump of metal in it which I can’t avoid that it’s always good out of the hook there but by blending them in it tightly in as close as I can possibly get for me I think fish pick my bait up more readily instead of avoiding it like they do with formal expanders they’ll definitely give it a try whether it’s your skin was a tough ones so another thing that for me gets me more bite right we’re May as with everything I do it’s about keeping things as simple as possible during the winter months and very similar to the summer I’m all about doing things in two ways this is one I’m not about feeding I’ll either feed a really accurate pile if I think it’s gonna be a bit difficult and I’m not sure what fish are feeding and I’ll fish a really static really stable bait over the top of it or I’ll choose a bait that I can loose feed and I’ll fish a really nice light rig through it so firstly today I’m just going to focus on me nice little positive rig for whenever I’m putting a really tight pile it tends to be with baits that I can actually achieve a tight pile with either I mentioned it worms and pellets tape micro pellets a ball or gram it baits I can make it land on a very very accurate pile on the bottom so by choosing a bait like that I can achieve this lovely tight pile and then what I need is a lovely stable rig with the correct type of shot in to present my bait as accurately as possibly over that pile so there’s no need it went feed in that way for any fancy rigs that are going to sink through the water nice and slowly simply because I’m not am presenting any bait in that way there’s no big falling through the water other than that initial quick pile it goes straight to the bottom so why tranq actually through the water when my feeds not trying to do that in the first place so I’ll run you through me rigs that I’m gonna use the only very basic for that sort of way of feeding it’s all about stability and I’ve mentioned it plenty of times before on lots of videos I’ve done about keeping things right and accurate where I want them to be so I’m a nice stable float in this case I’ve got a nice wire slim body float which in my favourites for for nearly every time I’m going to do this I’m going to choose a slim wire float it the wire is going to help fiercely to keep it nice and still with wire being a sinking material it keeps things nice and stable but mainly it’s my shot in down the bottom end that does the job I want it to do so in this case I’ve got a 414 float which are 414 is tend to be the floater I used to run probably about three and a half to about four an hour five foot on on a normal nice weather day when it’s not too windy and a 414 in the float that I use it takes six number nine shots which is a nice positive way of shutting and I’ll simply spread those number nine shot out and probably inch in half to inch intervals all in the bottom quarter me rig and because I’ve got them nice down up there down the bottom and they’re rigged it keeps things nice stable rights over the top of that pile was also because I’ve got heavy shots close to the hawk like my first shot in this case is five inches away from a hawk I’ve got a number nine they’re right on top of my upline actually on my Hawk length and just to tighten those loops up a little bit but because I’ve got such a big shock so close to my hawk what it does it magnifies any bites so as soon as the fish actually touches that bait and moves that fair shot because it’s a big heavy shop because it’s a number nine it gives me a nice positive indication on my flows whereas if it was a light shot at ten eleven or twelve even later than that then the movement would be very small and I may not even strike at it so when I’m fishing these matches in the winter when I’m after just five or ten 15 fish at the most and every bite needs to be converted into a fish by using heavy droppers that aids the ability it actually helps me see things a little bit better and puts a few more fish in my net right have a little chat about swim choices or how you actually approach your peg or how you feel your way into a peg Joe in the winter it’s without doubt one of the key things that I see people could doing wrong during the winter it’s straightaway go for it introduce it in lots of bait or bait in general right at the start of the match on a commercial fishery without doubt it can be it can be the kiss of death instantly especially at the beginning of a session well fish just don’t want to eat at this Sam you your windows of when they actually have a feed are so small if you’ve introduced the volume of bait at times when there’s nothing happily to eat that bait then you’re gonna accumulate a lot of feed on the bottom and then when they actually come have a feed you don’t catch anything so when you’re faced with the fact for me I’m gonna use today’s bag for example to keep things nice and simple for me it’s out looking what you’ve got of course for you features through your nice added bonus and at winter time any features for me that’s your Dobby you have to start at a carp on f1 fishery without doubt you’ve got to start diving it’s always worth a quick go especially at somewhere with lots of features just to see what’s feeding without putting any weights into your pack so you actually catch their fish without upsetting any areas which intend by fishing as many areas as you possibly can without introducing bait what it does it leaves your peg is a nice little quiet area where as opposed to all those that are feeding and the fish will actually accumulate in your area quite often just because you’re the only one that hasn’t put any bass into your pack what it also does by not introducing feed at the start it gives you a few minutes hours whatever however long it takes you to keep catching fish stop in to understand what’s actually happening on the lake it takes no time whatsoever for you to introduce bait and start feeding if all those around you were catching by feeding some bait well say just by sitting back it’s it’s a big edge that I do it’s just sitting back watching everyone just fear just for the start of a match just if you’re unsure of how it’s going to fish just watch what’s going on and then go about whatever they tell you you need to be doing and after that it’s just the case of covering as many different areas as possible before you actually start feeling yeah when you start setting up it’s nice having rig through as many different areas or as many different depth as you possibly can just so when you’ve seen all the start catching you can go to you’ve got that option covered and you can go to it start fishing and it just puts you in a little bit of Heather position because you’re doing the right thing really quickly instead of trying to work it out for yourself right it’s a lot I’ve mentioned many times my love for having a little table around before I start fishing for me in the winter it’s it’s it’s just massive it’s one with so many matches by catching fish that that don’t want to feed I just can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to do it catches fish that literally are uncatchable in pretty much every other way but there’s a few little things for me I’m actually gonna talk about the actual fishing now but there’s a few little things that I do with my rig more importantly the I definitely feel that get me a few more bites and these days with fish you’ve seen a lot they’ve seen that little single piece of bread or maggots or corn ski and whatever hanging dangling in front of the nose as many many times before so it was just a few little things that you can make at your rig a little bit nicer a little bit better than everyone else’s they can get you a few more bites so fiercely hook choices that’s been a big thing for me with dabrian bread is using that the lightest gauge of wire I possibly can in conjunction with the type of fishing going to catch and how much pressure I’m gonna put on my hauling them out of these snags or the size of fish as well because it could be that I’m fishing with some big fish well by using the lightest gauge wire like a possibly can and and exercise 18 it gives my bread a nice natural fall so up by flattening my bread nice and tightly around my bait with a nice light hook there’s not too much weight in that hole taking my break down so it makes it look really nice that in conjunction with nice little very very small dropper so in that case I’ve got three or four number twelve spaced through my entire rig it’s all about the follow your bait yeah it’s about grabbing those fish’s attention that they’re just sat in the weeds or sat wherever in the peg they just want to see this little lovely partl particle go past them and if it sinks nice and naturally they’ll have a go if it sings like a house brick then they’re going to ignore that every single time just because it doesn’t look too good other than that it’s the same style of rig that I’m always going to use a nice little stable flow to wire stem that really helps me put it in those little tight places but lastly something I’ve not spoke about a lot before when I’ve been dubbing it’s the lentil line you use in between my float my pole so this is huge it’s compared to your pallet fishing or your maggot fishing where you’re much more likely to use sort of a a 6 to 10 or 12 inch line in between your float your pole to be nice and accurate with dobbing I think you want to go the opposite way by having a nice really long see in that case I probably got about two two and our foot great big long line it both gives me versatility in my rig I mean I’ve got a lot of water I can potentially call but I can move that down as small as a foot I can fish it as deep as three foot or within the same rig or more importantly I can keep my Pole away from them fish so you can’t really see it today but the water that’s gone ever so clear it’s like tap water which is typical of so many venues at this time a year so just by having that longer length of line it just allows me to keep my Pole right away from those features and hopefully just keep a few more fish in the area without spooking than wiggling that pole over the edge there’s just something for me I definitely feel it gets me two or three more bites every time I’m all right without doubt for me my biggest edge for for years and years and years has been about scaling down that little bit fair that the most people do during the winter months it’s I don’t care what people say it without doubt get you more bytes but it’s when it comes to scaling down it’s not about just don’t as light as you possibly can just in order to get up I it’s because you’ve still got to get the fish out what I want to just touch on out is about doing it in the right way making sure everything’s nice and balanced that’s probably the word you’re gonna hear most often on this subject but keeping things nice and balanced so you don’t suffer breakage is but you can still be nice and efficient get more bites in the first place but get all the fish out nice and quickly as you would if you’re fishing propagates say it won’t make any difference as long as you use a nice balanced kit so for me when I say balanced first thing that actually completely eliminate that doesn’t come into the equation is the main line may lie to me it does make any difference yeah I like using an extra bus main line of Oh 15 Oh 17 Oh 60 it’s something nice and durable that stays nice and straight doesn’t get in as many tangles and I just use me rigs multiple times there’s less chance of me getting horrible knots that I can’t get out so my main lines not actually doesn’t actually come into it when I want to balance make it what does come into it however is my elastics I’m a hoax I’m a whole plant line so it’s your hook length line for me and your type of hook that’s gonna get you more bites so firstly if I switch on hooks it’s about going as like two gauging wire as you dare for what fish you trying to catch yeah there’s no point trying to fish with a great big carp and go into it a really like a chalk if you trying to get them out of snags it’s about doing they’re going as low as you possibly can for the situation yeah for me I like fishing lovely little like blood we’re Hawks for f1 in nice open water venues because I’m not gonna have any aggro and I can still get them out and it’s gonna get me bike yeah a few more bites as is dropping down to a diameter of her weight in my whole plant I’ve got no trouble whatsoever in using a no 8 with a nice little light hook as long as my elastic is balanced and off to never overpower that whole cliff material that’s where most people go wrong is fishing it and quite a positive summertime solid the two lights are hook line that’s going to cause you breakages and cause your lost fish just because it’s simply overpowering them not too much on your lighter lines so if you think about it and go a little bit lighter so you you really a solid elastic sort say the slick elastic in my case something that there’s no chance of it overpower in your hook length and also no not overpower in your light gauge wire hook by comm add in all three of those combinations up together it’s an odd allege view that is gonna get you more bytes on them really are days right a little key thing for me during the winter that I definitely feel is a bit of an edge is that anytime I’m feeding bait and I’m trying to be really really accurate because there’s very few fish feeding so I want to be fishing pretty much on the two piers take that possibly can having a more stability more stability in my rig than anyone else I definitely feel it gets me a few more bites to do that without doubt my biggest thing that helps me keep my rig where I want it to be is the use of the back shot it’s something that is definitely not used and often fishing these days you need a back shot the benefits it gives me that couldn’t fish without one I literally don’t and never fish on the bottom without using a back shot just for the benefits it gives me so we’re having a nice little heavy back shot so in today’s case I’ve put two number eights halfway in between my float my pole but in fact I’ll just touch on that quickly so by having them making sure you have them halfway in between and never closer to your float what that allows never to happen is as long as I never dip my Pole on the water my back shot to never get incorporated into the float shot in which in turn would give you false bites so if I always making sure the slightly closer to my Pole than the other floats they need to be moved off 1/2 inch so they’re nice now they’re probably 2 inches closer to my Pole what that allow is never ever for me to give me fake bites but at the same time what it’s going to do is by sinking those back shots just below the waterline they sink this little piece of line in between my float on my pot and my float on my back shots and it stops it moving about so it increases that sensitivity and keeps it right on the little pile where FMO bait what it also does is it sort of soaks up any movements of my pole tip so my poles it wobbling about in the wind and we transfer it to my back shot instead it’s my float if I were to not have a back shot which in said if I didn’t have them it’d be moving my float all over the place the back shots help keep my float a nice and still and unhindered by any of my movements during the winter of either when I’m shivering because it’s flippin freezing or whether it’s a bit blustery and it’s blowing about there a back shot without doubt for me it’s my number one aid to beretta presentation right so I’ve called about me and maybe nice positive rig for whenever I’m feeding a tight little pile but of course there’s going to be days when that’s gonna be no good if I need to attract new fish into my pack or I need to use all the bait such as maggots and casters maybe meat even if it’s summertime or whatever else and they’re gonna sink very very slowly through the water then it’s pretty much pointless trying to fish a really stable rig that holds everything in place maybe because my bait doesn’t want to do that the loose weed that I’m putting in my peg it sinks ever so slow if they use maggots for example it’s something again I’ve spoke about before is they sink maggots probably sink about four or five even six seconds a foot so it’s a hell of a long time if your fishing is sort of four or five foot it’s a long time for those maggots to actually get to reach the bottom and it gives the fish a massive window to intercept your bait on the way through so when I’m fishing baits of that I really think about my rig again it’s completely this garden – positive rigs and instead I want to fish it in a rig that can present my bait in the right way or the same way is that my maggots or whatever else are falling just keep things nice and natural so my rig for fishing maggots at any time it’s very similar around the Dobbin sort of principles cause pretty much if I’m honest that’s all you’re trying to do with maggots is that you’re trying to create a natural fall all the way through and make it look good exactly the same as you are with Dobby but just to refine things a little bit to make things nice there and it’s about just firing off all my rigs for when I’m going to fish maggots so again the same as where we were dobbing I’m gonna use a nice little light gauge wire Hawk there’s not gonna interview my maggots too much it’s gonna make my maggot sink nice and naturally and I might also hook my maggots in certain ways to make them sink a little bit slower well when it comes to shot in my rig of course that’s the the main influence in how my baits gonna fall so by shutting it was really nice little small shot all the way through my rig so in this case with a nice four be tens that we’re gonna fish in three foot across I have to number 12 at the bottom and then evenly spaced number 11s throughout my entire rig with a carbon stem in nice little slim carbon stem floats carbons vital whenever you’re fishing through the water which again it’s something I’ve touched on before is that with the wire stem if you were to put that in the water it’s immediately vertical but with a carbon stem it lays flat and it actually follows your bait all the way through the water so at any time you get a bite you see a distinctive pull on your float whereas if it was a wire stamp and that was vertical and you wrinkles at a right angle you’d get sort of a wobble instead of a bite so a carbine actually keeps you in contact whenever fishing through the water a lot better and you can see any of those little bites with a fish intercepting your bait on the way down and hopefully catch them great big massive F ones that love picking your boat up on the way right next to me I want to touch on is winter elastics definitely just focusing on the elastics I want to use in winter because for me for years and years and years up in an avid believer in the hollow elastics have a lot less usage during the colder months just simply because they behave weirdly toughen up and they’re just not as not as nice as they are when that the temperatures often in in the warmer months so because that reason that I always went on to solid solid six is solid eight they were my go-to elastics in the winter since playing with these lads at matrix I’m on a proper play with this slick stuff it is completely changed on my fishing for winter fishing on my elastics simply because what it allows me to do is to retain the the stretch properties of a hollow elastic and then it has about eight nine to one air stretch compared to a solid elastic that only has about a four to one stretch so I’ll retain that lovely soft and well soft elastic of you like during the winter when I’m much more prone to bumping fish black and still use are much more durable much nicer thicker elastic which this slick stuff does of course there’s still a time when I’m going to use me hollow stuff whenever I’m in a peg sort of today’s when I’ve got a few snags and I’ve got a pull fish out because that beefy look will actually help a little bit but for me I’m now a complete combat in avonlea gonna be slick stuff just me winter months this is going to be my winter silvers but mainly me f1 elastic that allows me to have a lovely soft stretch on a first strike into me fish but unlike solid elastics I can really power into it and get them back and get them into a net as quickly as possible so well if I’m a little girl that’s slick just for your winter ones I promise it’ll make a difference to your fishing but on a little separate note and then looking sneaky tip that want to talk about which I’ve talked to a lot of people when I’m out coaching this is something they’re show people is that me being a bit of a tight-ass I don’t like by lubricants maypole I think that extortionate for what you’re buying in most cases so for me this is officially the best off in the world what I use is a a simple conditioner that me missus gets from me from home embargoed or wherever because it’s nice and cheap but the reason I got that simple one is because it has no perfume to it so it doesn’t smell and what I do in me I’ll washing up liquid bottle I put one part hair conditioner and it pops six or seven parts warm water make sure it’s warm so it dilutes nicely that and what that does by giving out a nice little shake you and it would a lovely liquid that makes my elastic we have beautifully and just there’s a bit of a blue peter sort away I’m gonna show you me elastic there right Bent’s after me tube for about two weeks now so he’s a bit nasty but add in a quick square to me a mere lubrication to it you need a good squirt so that happens nice and quick this is unbelievable at how nicely it makes me elastic we’re instantly as soon as that comes to though you can see it’s just completely different elastic and that will work like that all day long let’s get rid of the excess and make me one bless fish just good my elastic we’re so nice adult right now for me one of me proper edges throughout the years has been using the best laminator can possibly use for me having their the stiffest a longest lambda net for whatever situation I’m in that it’s invaluable it without doubt gives me more time on the bank or more time in the water other fishing because I’m not messing about I land fish quicker than I could if I had a short floppy horrible net that I can’t chase fish about with so since moving to Matix will vault out that the product for me that I like more than anything else is me you land the net pole so they proper thought about it they’ve done me a five and half meter version at that rise in the landing net pole which is like a poker it is it’s unbreakable but it gives me the options in it being able to use it five and half meters four meters I didn’t use it shorter if I wanted but far enough for me is gonna be about the shortest I’m ever going to use it but at the same time it’s phenomenally stiff which allows me to get to fish at whatever length I want to use it I’d say it’s got a nice bit of versatility as well and I’ve got me two main sections obviously that I’m always going to use me a nice handle which has got a bit of a proper grip on it it’s like a ship to me fish but also the second or the first and second if you want to call it their sections they’ve both got screw thread added to them so I can either use that as a really stiff for me to net or I can use it as a nice portion that will canal net if I want to go nice and tidy or ultimately I can use its full length at five and a half meters but still maintain a lovely light landing net that’s perfectly easy a ship will about what retains its stiffness and get to them fish in my net quicker as soon as we pop what just saves me so much time on the bank its I’ll definitely feel that’s an advantage over someone having a better landing net just through the time it saves me you


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