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Clenzoil Marine & Tackle Fishing Reel Oil, Bearing Oil Cleaner & Grease Kit | All-in-One Fishing Accessories Kit for Freshwater & Saltwater Fishing Reels | Cleaner – Lubricant – Rust Preventative


Price: $29.99 - $24.99
(as of Sep 23,2020 05:20:36 UTC – Details)

The Clenzoil Marine & Tackle Reel Care Combo Kit is an all-in-one fishing reel maintenance kit that includes all of the Clenzoil Marine & Tackle products required to clean, lube, and protect your fishing reels. in both freshwater and saltwater environments. The Clenzoil Reel Care Combo Kit comes complete with our signature Marine & Tackle Solution in both a sprayer and precision needle oiler, Synthetic Reel Grease, and all of the necessary tools clean and protect any type of fishing reel. Regular reel maintenance is critical to high performance and long life in any model reel. Routine cleaning and proper lubrication ensures every model of reel performs at its peak capacity. Clenzoil’s tried and true Marine & Tackle solution can also be used on rod guides, tools, and any other metal surface that is constantly exposed to marine environments. Ensure long lasting performance season after season with the Clenzoil Marine & Tackle Reel Care Combo Pack. Package Contents: 1 oz. Marine & Tackle Needle Oiler, 2 oz. Marine & Tackle Pump Sprayer, Clenzoil Synthetic Reel Grease Syringe, 8″ X 8″ Microfiber Towel, Cotton Cleaning Swabs (10).

COMBO | Includes 1 oz. Needle Oiler, 2 oz. Pump Sprayer, Synthetic Grease, Microfiber Towel, & Swabs
PUMP SPRAYER | Clean, Lubricate, & Protect All Parts & Components of your Fishing Equipment!
NEEDLE OILER | Precision Bearing Oil Applicator w/ Steel Tip Needle. A Fishing Tool Kit Must Have!
REEL GREASE | Synthetic Grease Doesn’t Wash Out & Continues to Perform. Great Gear and Drag Grease!
ALL INCLUSIVE | Complete Reel Oil and Grease Kit for Repair and Preventative Maintenance Year Round!


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