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Choosing the right jerkbait rod

Choosing the right jerkbait rod

Hey folks this is Boyd Duckett here on Wired2Fish. I’ve got a little tip; I just want to talk about fishing rods a little bit. Of course I’m fairly partial to this Duckett fishing brand as you might expect.

But I want to talk about rod selection/rod choice. I’m throwing a jerkbait here today and just on a jerkbait some of the things that are really really important. On a jerkbait rod you want a rod, you don’t want a real soft rod.

It’s not a cranking application. It’s a rod that has a little bit of backbone because you’ll often hook that fish on a long cast, also helps you cast, and that stiffer rod will help you work the bait easier.

But you’ve got to have a soft tip. So a jerkbait rod for me is kind of a funny rod. We’ve got a couple of them in the Micro Magic Rod. I’ve got a 6’6 medium designed specifically for jerkbaits. This is one of the new Ghost Series Rods, this is a 6’10 medium and basically the reason I am tall fella at 6’3.

That 6’6, 6’8, probably not more than 6’10 fits most people for jerkbait fishing. Cause you’re going to throw that jerkbait, get that bait way out there, and then the most effective way to fish a jerkbait is to pull this rod straight down at you.

So pulling it straight down if I’m fishing a 7’0 or a 7’2 rod I’m going to be hitting the water most of the time. I do that sometimes with a 6’6. But I have found that if you’re going to throw a jerkbait for 8 hours you will wear your self out pulling it like this at an angle and I see a lot of guys on the water do that.

They’re fishing for like 30-45 minutes and they’re like I’m so tired of throwing that jerkbait you know. I may throw it seven days because it’s a primary jerking bite. But I like to get that rod and have it short enough that you can snap it down.

Remember when you’re jerking a jerkbait in the summer time I like it fairly fast and the key is to jerk it on a slack line. After you get through jerking that bait, you want it to stop in its place. So when I’m jerking I’m almost backing up.

That’s a little trick I noticed some other guys and a guy that’s got some initials that’s pretty good at throwing a jerkbait if you watch him on television you’ll see it’s always slack. But anyway, in picking a jerkbait rod that’s what we’re talking about.

Get something that you can pull straight down towards the water, it will help you with fatigue in the arms; get a rod that helps you. Of course we’ve got several jerkbait rods models available at Duckett Fishing.

A 6’6 medium, 6’8 medium, give it a try.


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