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Choosing Bass Fishing Crankbait Colors

Choosing Bass Fishing Crankbait Colors

Hey guys I got the Spro Fat Papa 70 here and I want to talk to you about some of the colors that this bait comes in and when to throw them. We’re here on Lake Eufaula and it’s the fall. Typically in the fall you want to use more natural type colors that mimic shad, gizzard shad, and hickory shad.

My three picks for this time of year would be the Hickory Shad. It’s a really awesome color and has a lime green back with a little bit of lavender on the sides with a real faint chartreuse line which is a great fall color.

The Lavender Shad is one of my all time favorite fall colors and also Nasty Shad. You can’t go wrong with those three in the fall. You roll around into the winter and the water maybe gets more color or gets a little bit colder and I really like the Honey Craw.

That is a great color on some of the Ozark Lakes and even the spotted bass on the Coosa River really like this on into the winter. That’s a great color. When spring rolls around on into early post-spawn you’ve got your chartreuse colors.

Everybody likes the chartreuse and blue. I will start off earlier in the year with the Tropical Shad which is a little more brighter colored, has a lot glitter, puts off a lot of flash, and has a faint blue back.

That’s a beautiful color and works great for early in the spring when the fish first start to get out. Also we’ve got Sneaky Blue and I’ve done really well late post-spawn on all the Tennessee River lakes (Kentucky Lake, Lake Guntersville, Pickwick).

That’s also a great color. My new favorite is called Mellow Yellow, which will be out any day and be in the stores right now. It’s a great looking color. This is probably a color that if you had to pick one color that would work year round; the Mellow Yellow would probably be the one I would go to.

Then later in the summer when the water gets real clear and doesn’t have much current flow the Nasty Herring is a real good color. It doesn’t put off a lot of flash, its not a real overbearing color, it’s a real natural color, and works good by fooling a lot of fish.

But those are some of the colors and some of the times I like to use them. You should check them out! The Spro Fat Papa 70.


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