Home Fishing Tips Chequamegon Bay Ice Fishing Trout (Tip Up Trout)

Chequamegon Bay Ice Fishing Trout (Tip Up Trout)

Chequamegon Bay Ice Fishing Trout (Tip Up Trout)

(energetic guitar) – Alright team, charge! This is unbelievable. Hey, you know something? I’m gonna tell you something, this is what it’s all about. – [Voiceover] We eat fishy. – [Voiceover] Look at the mouth on that.

(gun shots) Ha ha ha ha. – [Voiceover] Larry Smith Outdoors is brought to you in part by the Badger Sportsman Magazine, Big Snow Resort, Jiffy Ice Drills, Hard and Soft Fishing, Bartlein Barrels, Cold Snap Outdoors, Deep Freeze, Otter Outdoors, Kmiec Law Firms, and Lynch Auto mall of Mukwonago.

– And remember it’s a great day to be alive. Hey, today we’re up on Chequamegon Bay, and with our good buddy Tommy Hicks. Hey Tommy. – How ya doing Larry? – You know this area is absolutely awesome, I myself have lived in Wisconsin all my life, I did a little bear hunting up here in Ashland but I’ve never fished Chequamegon Bay, I’ve heard so many good things about it – You’ve never been up here? – No and I love to fish trout – You’re in for a treat today.

– That’s awesome. Tell us what we’re gonna be doing out here today. – Well I sent you a couple teasers this week, we’ve had titans out all week and we are on ’em, Browns, Splake, lake Trout, White Fish, we’re getting everything from Jigging Tip-Up’s it’s been just constant action.

– What kind of water depth are we gonna be fishing in. – We’re fishing up on a, there’s a 15 foot flat we’re gonna have a lot of Tip-Up’s on, we’re fishing right on a break, we’re gonna Jig starting on 27 to 28 feet, – Ok – Maybe down to 40 – Ok, and what are we gonna be using mostly spoons? – Rattle Spoons tip the Shiner heads, and then the Tip-Up, so we just got live Shiners.

– Ok so we got the beaver dams loaded up with lake Shiner’s on them. No, that sound’s awesome. What else can you tell us about this area, I know this is probably one of the prettiest parts of the state, and there’s a lot of things that happen here all year round isn’t it.

– Yeah, it’s just gorgeous, anywhere from fishing the bay you work your way up into the islands. – Ok – You can see some of the shoreline we see, we see this all the way out on the islands it’s just get’s better as you get farther out.

– Oh yeah, the scenery is absolutely awesome. – You never know what’s gonna be on the line, especially in this bay, we can get anything today from a walleye today a sturgeon, we can have anything.

– Alright well I’m excited, do you know what, Hey stay tuned let’s see what happens on Larry Smith Outdoors Today, we’re up in Chequamegon Bay, fishing with our good friend Tommy Hicks, we’ve got a bunch of special guest’s with us, Barb Carey went and got our friend Kenny, you’ve got your dad along Tom.

– And also my graphics guy Jason Ronning of Prime Time Sign and Graphics – That’s awesome, I think we’re in for a lot of excitement today. Hey so stay tuned to see what happens. – [Voiceover] Badger Sportsman Magazine the premiere outdoor magazine, published in Oshkosh written by Wisconsin sportsman for Wisconsin sportsman.

Get the most out of your time in the woods, or on the water. Subscribe to Badger Sportsman Magazine today. – Hey folks, the Badger Sportsman Magazine wants to see you having fun out in the outdoors and all you have to do to have a chance of winning a brand new propane PRO4 Auger like this is submit a picture of you having fun out in the outdoors.

Go to BadgerSportsman.com (electronic music) – At Jiffy we pride ourselves on being the number one in developing the best propane drills on the ice. It’s why our engineers have worked side by side with anglers for 65 years running.

All built and tested right here in the US of A. (fire wooshing) Patented proven performance is Jiffys vision for the future, and from where we stand the future looks (laser sounds) pretty darn sweet.

Jiffy, we put the world on ice. – [Voiceover] If you want a Tip-Up the last’s nothing beats a Beaver Dam, with over 50 years of American craftsmen ship in every one. From our Classic Tip-Up, to round models, to the new Beaver Bucket Station or Bracket.

We’re your partner on the ice that’s never had meltdown, even if your buddies do. – Woah look at that fish, holy cow Dave, look at that fish. (country guitar) – [Voiceover] Proving yet again that the best never rest Otter introduces, Otter Thermal Tech, the proprietary full thermal shell found on every 2015 Otter shelter.

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At Otter we know stopping at good enough is way overrated. This ice season see for yourself how the best just keep getting better. (bouncy rock music) – Hey alright, well I tell you, you know what? That didn’t take long at all Tommy.

I can’t believe you got Kenny to do all the work, and we get to take all the advantages. Now what do you think? – You never know. – It could be a walleye. Let’s see what you got. – A little splaker.

– All right Tom. You know we fish a lot of pros, but tell me what a splake is. – A splake is just a planted fish, between a lake trout and a brookville. – Are they good eating? – Oh, they’re delicious.

They’re planted just for sportsman so. – What’s the size? – They gotta be 15 inches – Ok – Yepp that’s definitely over 15, we’ll get him unhooked let him go we got another Tip-Up. – Awsome – I left my rod sitting by the hole and I don’t really mind today because it’s yours.

(laughing) – Ok, I take it it’s no big deal. – What do you got here, a little bit better fish? – A little better, he doesn’t like the hole. ooh did you see that? – Yeah. Was that a Kung-Foo move? – That was (laughing) You really have to feather the line when you’re fishing up in this shallow water, The brown’s touch that ice and they are gone.

That’s the hardest thing to stress of clients and everybody is these fish are not coming through the hole the first time up. – Yeah you kinda just want to rip them right up there that doesn’t mean you should.

Nice dude, now that is a nice fish. – That’s a nice splake right there – And again a splake is what? – A cross between a brookville and a lake trout, it’s a planted fish and a hatchery fish, and they plant these just for the sportsman.

It’s slippery as can be – Yeah it looks pretty slippery, so it’s more or less like the lake trout you like to let a lot of the bigger ones go – Correct – This is more of fair fish – This is red meat as good as it can get.

– Well you know something, I usually don’t keep a lot of fish, but you know what I wanna keep this one. – You wanna keep this one for the fam’, we can definitely do that. And another little trick I’m gonna show you in this clear water, you see that hook? – Yep – That’s a game fish – You know something, I kinda caught on to something, he say’s last night.

I said “What do I need to bring?” he say’s “Don’t bring anything, I got everything for you.” So I’m gonna tell you, first thing this morning he hands me a rod and it’s a competitor rod that he hand’s me.

I’m not even gonna tell you who it is, so I knew right away I was in deep trouble. – When you don’t bring nothing you gotta deal with what you get. – But it was my own fault, I learned a lesson.

Nice job. – Wow look at that, I really hooked it. – Wow, that’s a nice fish. Kenny! You had a bite before – There you go. – Is that a splake too? – Yeah it is – Woah that is so cool Nice job. Now Kenny, I wanna know why you’re so quiet over here and the only time we ever hear anything is “I got one!” Somebody’s gotta catch the fish? I don’ even know how you have time to fish because Tommy’s got you baiting all the hooks on all the Tip-Ups and doing all the work.

I mean I can’t imagine if you’re fishing as much as I and Tommy were how many fish you have. Nice job. – There he is. – [Larry] You got one Tommy? – Hurry, get that I think there’s a white fish, there was two of them, a lot of times they’ll come in pairs – [Larry] Oh I see it, it is a white fish.

– [Tommy] Come on turn around, there we go – Nice Job, now what were you doing different? I thought you were gonna slap me with that (laughing) – You just gotta bring them up slow, just little twitches, and that’s where the rattle comes in handy.

Just little short twitches (Larry is drowned out by music) – Why am I sitting out there in that 30 mile per hour wind and all of a sudden you’ve got a wind break here and you’re not in the storm – That wind picked up fierce.

– I know it did, but why is it that I’m out there and you’re in here? – Um… I don’t really know (laughing) – You know what, ever since I got here I’ve been smelling something awful fishy and it’s not on the end of my rod I can tell you that, good job.

Alright. – [Voiceover] With ice fishing just around the corner it’s time to gear up, check out the new Pro Skimmer by Deep Freeze. Offered in six inch, eight inch, and ten inch models. The fastest ice skimmer on the market, and once you’re ready for those Tip-Up’s don’t forget about Blue Tip’s, the first Tip-Up alert system sent straight to your smartphone, free app available on Android and IOS .

Check out these and other products at DeepFreezeFishing.com or any of your favorite retailers. (triumphant horns) (Ice Breaking) – [Voiceover] The new Beaver Dam titanium Tip Stick is the first ice rod with a built in extendable titanium spring bobber.

Making it the most versatile ice rod ever. Extend the bobber for extra light pan fish jigging, or retract it for game fish or when it’s time for travel. It even has a built in rattling handle to attract fish.

It took a while to come up with an ice rod worthy of the Beaver Dam name, but when we did, boy we nailed it. (glass shattering) (dramatic drums) (light guitar) – Hey Barb you get this one. – Them Blue Tip’s are nice – They are nice when you got one on.

Come on Barb. Got ’em? Excellent. We got our good friend Barb Carey fishing with us today, – How’s it feel? – up here on Chequamegon. – Medium – There’s the marker. – You’d think he would have had you go to a Tip that’s got a big fish on Barb, huh? Right, I know it.

– [Tommy] A little splake. – [Larry] Kinda like that first one we caught. – Oh them are delicious fish. – Yeah I can’t wait, I’m gonna take a couple of them home. – The DNR up here has really come back on the stocking program up here.

– I thought it was just tom that couldn’t hang on to them – They’ve been doing a lot of homework these fish are taking off They were finding them 2 weeks after they planted them out at outer island.

So they’re finding out now that the fish they plant in the spring are sticking around a lot better. they’re clipping the fins in the spring, and leaving the ones on the fall. – Well that’s pretty cool.

Hey Barb, why don’t you tell us what you have going on? – Well I tell you, I started a fishing club for women about 10 years ago. – Yup – And it’s going great. – It is huh? – We sell out our ice fishing class every year.

20 new women ice holders, and they get so excited about it. – Right – And then we just took 25 to Lakewood woods. – Holy cats – I heard that went pretty good – Oh, it was awesome – Good – You know just to see the excitement of the sport they’re calling me all the time and saying “hey I got this, I got that” and the passion you know to pass that passion on.

– That’s a very interesting thing, and do you see, I mean we see more and more women getting involved in the outdoors, they say that’s one of the highest growing numbers, more than kids, women are getting hooked into the outdoors.

What do you think? – Well you know, I think the equipment changes over the past couple of years, you know. – Has made it a lot more comfortable – You know we have women, I have one that’s 73, one that’s 68, and they still hold their own.

– Wow that’s impressive – I hope I can still do that at that age – Yeah, and the clothing, you know just everyone is benefiting from the new technology, and the ability to get out and stay warm.

– Everybody but the fish. (laughing) – Yeah I’d had to be on their end – Right, well that’s awesome, and you know what I can’t think of a better place to spend the rest of you life, is out in the outdoors too.

– Yeah this one gal said she was 68, and couldn’t cross country ski anymore and she needed something else, so she took up ice fishing. – I’m not gonna complain about that Hey Tommy, next time why don’t you have a little bit bigger fish on there.

– We’ll work on it, we’ll get a bigger one. – Barb that’s what I’m waiting for, to get a big one. – Oddly enough it’s been a midday afternoon, bite for a big fish, so we’re getting fillers with these splake and a couple bonus fish now, but I’m thinking the numbers on the big fish are definitely rise.

– That’s awesome, we just got out here so – That’s right – Alright I’m going back to jigging. Good job Barb. Good deal, what you guys, you and your dad just checked the bait and out new minnows on.

– There you go, go ahead Larry. – Go for it Tommy, go for it. Did you get ’em? – Yep. – [Larry] Boy that wind is really howling now. – [Tommy] They put up a struggle here – [Larry] Yeah, that’s awesome.

So you’re just using your hands as a drag system – [Tommy] Yeah, just letting it slip through, I just grab it with fingers, you know a lot of people fist and just barely pinch the line and let it pull through.

Oh that’s a big white fish. – [Larry] Big white fish huh? Now how often do you catch white fish? That’s a big white fish. – White fish on a Tip-Up – Holy cat’s that’s a nice fish – They get bigger than this you know – They do huh? – This is a three or three and a half pounder we’ve been getting ’em up to six pounds.

– Woah, them are big white fish. – And they’re eating full shiners. – Get ’em. Got ’em? – Did you get ’em? – Yepp we got her – Take your time. – Barb we were just on the inside fishing and now all the fish are moving to the outside There you go, that’s a splake too.

That’s a nice job Jason. Awesome. Hey Jason, you own a graphic company, huh? That’s what you guys do for a living? – I do – Jason does all my graphics, trucks, everything, he’e helped me with websites.

– I see your snowmobiles, and on your Tip-Up’s – His parent’s own a neighborhood bar in Ashland so they’re doing a big contest on February 27th right? – It’s always the last weekend in February, tons of great prizes.

– First place is a four wheeler – Holy cats – Sportsman 570 I think it’s what 10 bucks to get in it. – Yeah, 10 dollars to get in, and we raffle off a ton of prizes. – [Larry] Right Holy cats, that’s decent.

And when is that again? – [Tommy] February 27th – and that’s out of where? – That’s out of Ashland. Yeah that’s out of Ashland, you can check out the Facebook page if you want. – Ok, that’s awesome.

– Nice job J. – Nice job. – [Larry] God Darn it Kenny, what the heck is going on here? I haven’t had a fish yet. What’s that, another splake huh? I don’t know Kenny, I’ll tell you something I’ve only marked one fish so far, and Tommy’s dad is right next to you there and he hasn’t marked any, what are you doing? – [Tommy] This thing’s on fire, he might be getting a lot for fish, but I haven’t seen much for size.

(Kenny is drowned out by the wind) (laughing) sometime’s certain things happen for certain reasons. Tommy and I are just waiting for the big fish, Kenny that’s it. – They turn up later in the day – Yeah that’s all we’re doing, don’t want to waste our efforts on the smaller ones.

– We’ll let this guy go. – [Larry] Nice job – [ Voiceover] Welcome to Larry Smith’s Outdoor Ice Fishing a full service guiding ice fishing adventure. We supply all the equipment, and provide a hot meal out on ice, you just need to arrive with a Wisconsin fishing licence and get ready to catch fish and have a great experience.

We guide seven day a week, are fully insured, use the latest tested tough gear, and will work harder than anyone to put you on fish. To book a trip please call 920 361 4996 – [Voiceover] Badger Sportsman Magazine the premiere outdoor magazine, published in Oshkosh written by Wisconsin sportsman for Wisconsin sportsman.

Get the most out of your time in the woods, or on the water. Subscribe to Badger Sportsman Magazine today. – Hey folks, the Badger Sportsman Magazine wants to see you having fun out in the outdoors and all you have to do to have a chance of winning a brand new propane PRO4 Auger like this is submit a picture of you having fun out in the outdoors.

Go to BadgerSportsman.com (electronic music) – [Voiceover] Hey you cold? (light guitar playing) – I’ve had enough of this, yeah I might be a little cold, I’ll take care of that problem. (laughing triumphantly) You didn’t think I could do it, did ya? You guy’s were doubting me I know it.

– [Voiceover] I’d rather freeze – Yeah, who’s laughing now huh? I’ll tell ya that. I was freezing before, and enough is enough. – The only thing we forgot was a spatula, and thank goodness cameraman Dan is always carrying a knife.

– I’ve got fish – ooh fish on, look at this, I’ll get it, I’ll get it – [Larry] I told ya! I told ya all it would take is to cook! Oh I lost him! – No, keep jigging though because I’ve caught them lots of times.

– How’s the burger? – Pretty darn good, this is my second one, you guys went out, and I seen them burgers getting cold on the ice there and I thought I’d hate to see anything getting cold . – You don’t want them to go bad, that’s one nice thing, on day’s like today we’ll offer especially for clients cooking up a warm meal at lunch.

You can’t beat it, especially when there’s 40 mile per hour winds and snow. – [Larry] You ain’t kidding. Kenny again? Holy Moly Buddy. – Hot hands Kenny. – Man that is, hot hand Kenny is right. What do you got this time Ken? – [Tommy] You’re out deep now.

– [Larry] How deep are you here Kenny? (Kenny is drowned out by the music) Holy cats. You switched baits on me now? – [Kenny] I had to – [Larry] Ah you’re killing me God darn it. I finally got Tommy to give me one of them.

– [Tommy] Nice laker – [Larry] Ah nice lake trout. Woah that’s a battle huh Kenny? Holy cats, nice job. – How about that? – You know unbelievable you guys, how many species have we caught today so far? – five – Five species, not too shaby, for such a nasty day boy have we missed a lot of fish today too.

– Someone missed one right when we were cooking lunch (laughing) – I don’t know who that was Good job, alright man. – Awesome – Nice job, gotta love lake trout. (Irish bagpipes) Wow, talk about some action, holy moley.

– We don’t know what’s going on we couldn’t move it for a while. – We just caught that big lake trout over there Is that, that big of a fish? – [Tommy] It’s tangled all around something. A big fish, big white fish.

– [Larry] Look at that thing! That is a giant white fish, that is incredible I didn’t know they got that big. Fish! Fish! Tommy! – [Tommy] Yeah, I’m coming. – [Larry] I did what you said too Tom – [Tommy] Did you? – [Larry] He came shooting out the bottom, and I got ’em, he didn’t hit it til he was about four feet underneath the ice.

Woohoo! Nice, is it a splake or a lake trout? – [Tommy] That’s a lake trout – [Larry] Ok, what’s the difference, how can you tell? I still can’t really tell – Easiest way to tell the difference between splake and a lake trout, is see that tail is really forked, on a splake that is square.

– Give me my fish, I get to hold a fish today. – You’ll catch ’em three feet under the ice and a lot of time’s in a shack you’re just sight fishing. – Boy that is absolutely something, you know it is hard to believe that them fish will follow that bait up 20 some feet and then finally hit it, you know.

– And sometime’s they’re gonna go back down and you gotta follow ’em back down, and bounce it on the bottom. – Let’s get this guy back in the water – The minnow’s injured, and then they’ll come back and attack it again.

– That is very interesting – If you look at that splake earlier I had that thing and I still got him to bite it again. – Right, that’s really impressive too. See ya, excellent. – Awesome job – Finally I got one What do you got Tommy? Is it a good fish? – Yeah – [Larry] Boy that wind and that snow man she’s coming down like crazy.

– Must be a filming day – Yeah it’s an awesome day. Hey, no, Let’s call it. What’s this one gonna be? So far you were right every time, except for one. – This is a brown one – Brown trout. Bam baby.

– [Larry] Oh yeah look at that. Nice job Tommy! – That’s what we’re out here for. – That is a nice fish. – What do you think Pops? – I tell you what, hey you know what, we’re out here on Chequamegon Bay, and I’ll tell you this is one heck of a place to fish.

We’ve caught beautiful splake, we’ve caught some nice white fish, now you got this big brown, we’ve missed a bunch of fish so far. Oh man, this is absolutely awesome, great job! Hey Tommy, we were just picking up the Tip-Up’s and this one went up, and it feel’s pretty decent.

What do we got? – [Tommy] Nice splake again – [Larry] ooh that is a nice splake, let me hold that one up. You know, we had an absolutely awesome time, and Tom it was a pleasure, Tommy thank you. Hey tell us about what you got going on up here, and how people can get a hold of you for the guiding if they want to come up and enjoy this great fishery.

– Yeah you can give us a call at 715 292 4342, or www.beyondthecatch.com and we always have a facebook page to go on now. – That’s awesome, again we had an awesome time up here in Chequamegon Bay, and you know like I always say, it was definitely a great day to be alive, and it it.

Hey Tommy you know, when you come up to Ashland and you’re gonna fish out on the Chequamegon Bay, you know there’s a lot of great places to eat in this town, and there’s some really good bait shops here too, and tell us where people need to go and who they need to get a hold of when they come to Ashland.

– Yeah, be sure to stop in, Riverock Inn and Bait shop right in the middle of town here in Ashland, Check out the Facebook page, and my Facebook page, and we always have updated on what we’re catching fish on.

– I see that – And Scott, the first thing he does, I tell him what we’re catching ’em on and we get it in stock so we’ve always got all that stuff in stock and we make sure we’ve got plenty of it.

– Well that’s awesome, excellent, well hey I appreciate it and thanks again Tommy, you know it was a great day, and we’ll be back. – Larry – What – Your shoe – Oh shit, my boot’s untied. – unbelievable – Now hey, this is beyond the catch – This is beyond the catch for sure (laughing)


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