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Changing tip up fishing devices

Changing tip up fishing devices

Let’s make from old tip up fishing device a new one. Gonna change the devices, take the old one out. Old one looks like this, plastic. With 3 nails. And the new one looks like this, that you have already seen in my videos.

Using the new one as a template, how far up to put the new device. Then I’m gonna mark the place where the hole goes. Have to drill the hole now. Hole is done. To secure the device, you have to put this here, take a bullet and put it into the hole.

Then the bullet holds it on place. Then it won’t move, when you put the screws in. Last screw, where the spring goes. This hole here. This screw is little bigger When you order these, then you also get the screws.

I even got 2 free plugs. First you screw this little in, to make a little hole. About half in and then back out. And put the spring on place. Lucky that it didn’t go off just now. Almost closed. Gonna pull it back, that it won’t go into the middle.

And it’s done. Let’s go out and try. It works.


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