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Catfish Fishing – Secrets, Tricks, and Tips to Catching Big Catfish – Part 2!

Catfish Fishing – Secrets, Tricks, and Tips to Catching Big Catfish – Part 2!

Oh folks there’s another one I hold he starts to drag I got to tell you just a little little bite just ever so slightly this water temperature is what Antonio it’s 53 degrees 53 degrees surface temp so these fish are not really biting real aggressively at least this one didn’t anyhow on the last one you caught Antonio didn’t either I’ll get him a bit closer and we’ll see if we can’t land them here Antonio oh boy you gotta love this early spring fishing for channel catfish I absolutely love it oh please peel and peel and drag oh I got a tight line on him too [ __ ] rope yeah he took a nice little run there there he goes again this could be a decent fish he feels fairly heavy there we go another brown one Antonio isn’t that something a brown fish two gray ones and two brown ones a whole clampdown on my down on my thumb and now he’s burping at me I think I need the needlenose me just hand me that needlenose there it’s just hooked right in the corner of the mouth perfect hook set right there oh there we go not as big as the last one you caught on telling you no bits nice fish that’s a nice fish yeah we’ll take it channel catfish early spring absolutely fantastic and we got the Sun it’s a beautiful day the Sun has just tucked in behind some clouds but it’s absolutely gorgeous out here and that’s a nice fish right there in anyone’s books to write that beautiful channel cat okay let’s get him back in you ready there we go there’s a nice release a good bite Antonio very very very soft subtle bite there oh it’s a nice job cat look how Brown he is – OH or is it a bullhead no it’s channel cat but look how Brown he is looks like a bullet almost good hook San Antonio clamp on he’s clamping down Tony he’s clamping down on them needed fires so why don’t you get the needlenose there what do you want me to do it those won’t do it you need two needlenose do it check them over look how golden yellow that fishes a beautiful fish hey yeah he’s about what eight eight nine pounds that’s a dandy look at Oprah he is I wonder why he’s so brown and the other ones were grayish you got him in shallower didn’t you yeah okay that could be the difference right there shallower finish a thick fish though he’s thick he’s very very thick maybe he’s ten pounds we’ll give you the benefit of the dollar Antonio back in he goes there you go heck of a release that’s tons of water in the book okay so what we’ve done now I should mention to you folks I’ve got a smaller bead on there as you can see and what happened with these fish biting ever so tentatively they we missed the number of hits earlier because they were hitting our larger bait and they were stopping to bite but now we’re shortened up on the bait and they’ll give him a better chance to take it with another fish that was what five minutes that was maybe five minutes and it feels like another decent one you know folks so it cool you know the beauty of this though I just got another fish but there’s no science here toss your line no get it out there wait for a bite just as I’m catching all the finish anybody else could be to all this this feels like another good fish oh yeah it feels like a good one you know what they’ve all been good today he’s got this rod doubled right over i’m muscling him in oh there he goes there he goes I think he’s just realized he’s been hooked you still out there a bit he’s got some weight to him he really does come on oh there you go that’s another big old gray one oh that’s enough there you go it’s a big old gray fish wow this is unbelievable and look at that t turn completely tangle-free every single time I love it that fish can do whatever he wants that T turn swivels going to keep me tangle free look at that fish he’s got a mark on them too that’s a big fish nice channel cat that’s what I mean about the T turn swivel right there you gotta love that tangle-free every time let’s see if I can just into every one of these fish have been hooked right in the side of the mouth perfect for catch and release look at this fish this is the biggest one I think Antonio what do you think he said hey I think he is he’s so thick and heavy he’s gotta be 20 pounds right there he’s he’s got some warts on him too it looks like Sturge or something with all those warts but well that’s a heavy fish and he’s got some sort of a mark there on the side there I’m not sure what that is but what a beautiful fish beauties in the eye of the beholder heavy fish big heavy fish and the way he goes you know folks I absolutely love it when you pull and set the hook and the only thing that moves is the rod I tell you that’s great you know we’ve had just a great day out here early spring it’s April we’re blessed with some fantastic weather it’s got to be 20 degrees 25 degrees out here Celsius and just a gorgeous day some great fishing you get an opportunity get out there go for that channel cat bite it’s absolutely so much fun and the early spring is when it starts and it just continues to go all summer long so thanks so much for tuning in folks to the today’s episode of thunderous fishing tips I hope you’ve had a great time we’ve enjoyed the day and until next time as always good luck one last thing folks subscribe by clicking on the button most likely found right over here as we have a lot more fish catching action coming your way and if you haven’t yet be sure to check out our website at thunder miss fishing tips calm as we have a lot more articles there and fish catching advice for you so until next time good luck and good fishing you


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