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Catfish Fishing – Secrets, Tricks, and Tips to Catching Big Catfish – Part 1

Catfish Fishing – Secrets, Tricks, and Tips to Catching Big Catfish – Part 1

hi folks it’s evil here from venomous lure company and welcome to today’s episode of thunder miss fishing tips I’m out here with Antonio as you know the author of our boatless angler series on our thunders fishing tip site we’ve also got Vincenzo and Tony with us today we’re fishing the Grand River and we’re looking for mr.

channel cat so stay tuned folks we’re sure to have a great show so we just launched the boats and I got to say I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many boats in the Grand River here as I have today it’s early April there’s more boats out here than there is with opening walleye season it’s unbelievable but anyhow we’re in the midst of them here we’re going to be using cut bait today and cut sucker is a great bait to use a Antonio yeah but if you can you can’t use it here in Ontario but I know in a lot of the states you could use sunfish and sunfish is actually a fantastic bait to use when it comes to catching channel cats and what I would do with the sunfish I would take a whole filet and use a whole side of a filet of the of the sunfish but let’s take a look at our setup here what we have today I’ve got the Thundermist t-turn 3-way swivel here it’s just going down to a sinker only about though maybe three inches and then I have about two and a half feet of line to a hook and that’s where I’m going to put my my cut bait and this t-turn swivel as you can see allows for a complete 360 degree rotation without getting tangled and that’s that’s absolutely beautiful for fishing for these channel cats because those cats twist and turn when they’re fighting yeah and this will keep you just completely tangle free in fact I’ll show you something with the swivel if I even force a tangle and hold the swivel and wrap that all the way around because it’s 360 degree rotation if you just pull on that sinker Antonio it just comes free every single time it’s an absolute pleasure to use so that’s my setup here I’m using a three yacht hook I would go with at least three yacht or a five I’d hook for these channel cats now you’ve done something a little different Antonio we got beat on as usual you’re already ready to go I did the same thing I just got two hooks double the chances double was set double the chance is double the same edge you know what that’s a good age to have that’s actually a good setup as well with Antonio because what’s going to happen is you want to create a scent trail for these channel cats to hone in on so by doing what he did there he just doubled his chances but you’ve also doubled your chances of getting snagged up onto a log or something – I’m going to take that chance okay I’ll go to bait up we’re going to get out there the way we’re fishing here right now it’s it’s about 910 feet here and it drops right down to 20 so what we’re going to do is we’re going to stage our casts and we’re going to are going to try in the shallower water a little deeper a little deeper right out into the deep because this water is still very very cold the ice has only been out for a short while and with the Sun out today they may move into this warmer water and sit in that warmer water so we’ll try all depths and see what’s working for us and then we’ll key in on that depth sounds good all right let’s go Antonio all right I need some bait too only you strike first day me and Antonio do an intro and you’re fishing ah now you’re in that shallower water you’re fishing that 10-foot zone I just cast it out there in that 15 20 whoa that’s a nice fish Tony oh thanks a lot just got soaked okay he’s got something on his head – oh man Wow Tony faster big okay moved up in Jen’s oh look at that great hey what do you think of that one look he’s got something on his head look at that Tony he’s got oh wow that’s a nice fish Tony Grand River channel can oh well anything an open gentle right there make the corner of the moat perfect hook set just inside the moat Oh Tony there you go he’s pretty big he’s pretty heavy that’s a good fish what do you think good Jen’s oh it’s pretty good yeah I’m just holding them just under the gill cover not in the gills you don’t want to touch the gills but that’s you’re pretty safe there and I know if I try to lift lock them Tony he’ll just clamp down with those teeth of theirs and make a mess of things okay let’s get him back in oh he wants to go whoa I’m flying Tony well that’s a great start right there now what we need to do need you to cast back to the same spot Tony because what’s happened now that since been sitting there and you’re going to get more catfish going to that spot and the other thing I should have mentioned with our cut bait folks we’re leaving the skin on the fish what you want to do is scale the fish remove the scales that way you have more scent you have more scent on your off your cut bait so scale to one side take a nice fillet and put it right on your hook and leave the skin on because that’s going to that’s going to stay allow it to stay on the hook much better otherwise those channel cats will take it right off and strip your bait so I got to get back to my line that was great they start Tony you know you lost it I got him on Tony oh there you go so hey I was just getting ready to have an apple oh what a hit that was a great hit Oh Antonio get your drink set drag his set Oh Tony this one I don’t know I don’t know oh you might not be as big as yours we figured yours was what 14 pounds Tony yeah what a good hit that was Antonio yeah oh you gotta love these channel cats they’re strong they pull they fight that’s a good one I let him run with it just a bit he was biting and let him take it just a bit cuz I had a fairly big piece of cut bait on there and sometimes what you could do is open up your bail now ah boy oh there he is there he just got just got a glimpse of them nice fish hole oh Tony get this one effect this one looks like it might eat both the same size of yours if not a tad bigger it’s a nice fish Oh Antonio look at this fish Oh Tony this is definitely bigger Oh look at him go oh I gotta watch the anchor rope Antonio it’s a good fish oh man don’t get me wet okay yeah I got wet last time here he is Antonio with that little bassinet there we go oh hey the little bassinet we got comes through this this little net has got more fish than you can imagine unbelievable I’ll just go underneath this Gill cover here maybe I won’t maybe I’ll try to unhook them first just in the side of the mouth same spot as Tony’s was here we go oh that’s a nice fish Tony there we go right there there’s a nice channel cat yours might have been a little hot a longer tawny but this one is definitely heavier what do you think Antonio it’s good fish maybe fifteen fifteen thousand sixteen pounds at least that’s a nice channel cat right there in anyone’s books unbelievable good strong fight Hey okay fish good fish maybe I can get my Apple now every time I go to eat it never fails okay let’s get this guy back in oh he is heavy you know what oh that’s a heavy fish there he goes unbelievable now look at that t turn swivel no tangles every time and again this is the key with this setup here your bait has got to be on the bottom you want your bait on the bottom and that’s why as you can see here the sinker is going to keep me anchored down and this bait is going to be right on the bottom exactly where we want it to be for those channel cats to come in they find the scent they move in on the bait they pick it up and they run with it so definitely want your or your bait below your below your sinker and the other key with the bait got to be fresh avoid using frozen bait if you can get nice fresh cut bait channel cats do know the difference contrary to popular belief and a little strip of a fresh cut bait is absolutely perfect and having said that this has been out there for about 20 minutes now I think I’m going to put a fresh bait on and get it back out there so your two hook system it’s not working yet not yet Tony got his goal Tony’s using this setup the judge is using this setup and you got the doubled away from the big one you waiting for the big ones okay I’d like to see you catch two at a time that size then you really have a battle out in your hand okay we’ll see all right cut bait coming up one last thing folks to our videos by clicking on the button most likely found right over here as we have a lot more fish catching action coming your way and if you haven’t yet be sure to check out our website at thunder miss fishing tips calm as we have a lot more articles there and fish catching advice for you so until next time good luck and good fishing you


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