Home Fishing Tips Catching Snapper at the Mussel Farms – New Zealand

Catching Snapper at the Mussel Farms – New Zealand

Catching Snapper at the Mussel Farms – New Zealand

Hi Youtubers. Today’s location is Waimango point. Or more specifically. the mussel farms that are located with east of Waimango point. The current is swift in this area and if you’re not prepared it can’t be difficult to stay on top of the fish.

I arrived at the mussel farms an hour before sunrise and high tide. The bite came thick and fast. The Shimano 200 G7 is a low-profile reel. It’s my favorite reel and I find this method of fishing to be very sensitive to the bite.

41. A very slow wind in retrieve with the soft bait will attract bites. When the fish bite the soft bait I thumb the spool and quickly jerk the rod to set the hook. forty-seven The current has really picked up so has the wind.

Thanks to my make shift anchor hook and Rob Fort bungy system, my kayak stayed evenly poised when the current streamed through the mussel farm. Time to call it a day touch base with the other Club members The mussel farms haven’t been kind to me in the past.

But I’m very happy with today’s results. it’s the annual kayak fishing tournament courtesy of the eastern Bay of Plenty kayak fishing club it’s one of my favorite competitions. The fishing boundaries have been extended from Bowen town to Cape Runaway.

That’s a huge 300 kilometers of coastline. The Bay of Plenty coastline is very exposed to the surf, so expect some thrills and spills in the conditions. For more information visit the club’s Facebook page in sign up today Comment, like and subscribe.

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