Home Fishing Tips Catching my LIMIT of HUGE FISH using only Fishing LURES

Catching my LIMIT of HUGE FISH using only Fishing LURES

Catching my LIMIT of HUGE FISH using only Fishing LURES

‘Kay, so we are in the transition, the transition phases of becoming fully nocturnal I’m feeling really messed up guys, like I was, the last time I slept was [Erin:] You just slept [Brendon:] I just slept!? [Erin:] It’s like 3:30 and you just woke up an hour ago [Brendon:] I’m getting very confused as to when I’m awake, when I’m sleeping How have you been feeling? [Erin:] Very Chill [Brendon:]You’re on the phone? [Brendon:] Oh, it looked like you were on a phone! [Erin:] No, I’m good [Brendon:] Ok, so why don’t you tell everyone what our sleep schedule has been lately? [Erin:] Sleep whenever we can Fish from 10pm to 8am *laughs* That’s what we did last night! [Brendon:] Oh my gosh [Erin:] We took a few naps in the car in between spots It’s fun! We got on some fish, right? [Brendon:] Yeah, but my eyes got so messed up somewhere in this process like SO swollen One of them just started stinging really bad for like, HOURS It’s like “What is going on!?” What’s going on is we’re transitioning into our nocturnal phase and, I’m becoming my final form all for the hunt of fish What are we eating? This is, this is the um, the bluefish, the bluefish salad we made.

Oh my gosh, this is THE way to make it! *CRUNCH* MMM Um, and this is all because the striped bass they don’t like the daytime Right now, in this time of the season, they like nighttime Because The water temperature is a lot cooler They have the cover of the darkness to hide and ambush baitfish We just have not been finding them in the middle of the day so we decided let’s just Let’s just stay up at night and sleep during the day And I’m sure a lot of other people out there do that Comment below if you have turned yourself nocturnal FULLY nocturnal before It just took your lure? Ooohhh you’re gone! That’s why I tie 50 pound leader right here I’ve got squidy bits on the end of a bucktail.

This is, this is my go-to It provides The squid provides natural scent and uh, this could be an eel, this could be a big fish and I’m just sinking it all the way to the bottom right there of this channel Right by that green buoy That green buoy is the deep spot WOAH! It’s a big blue! And that’s why I like bucktails! You can just take it out in one, in one pull WOAH! Oh man, that’s fun! Let’s get it back out I think the bass are gonna come soon OH! Look at that! I would’ve lost my bucktail just now Look at this! Someone just came here and left all this trash here! The fish definitely come out to play at night.

and I’ve been sitting here waiting since pretty much sundown I hit the sundown bite um, and I’m waiting here for the moon to come up and the fish to come out to play So, I think something that’s really important about night fishing is: you have to know how to use your gear in the daytime and you have to know the spots in the daytime before you fish them in the nighttime uh, otherwise you’re pretty much casting blind So for me, I’m using a Shimano Saragosa 5000 size Paired with my 10 foot Black Diamond Rod And man, this thing really is able to wing things out To be able to cast that far, you also need nice braid THIN braid Braid allows you to really cast it far and have a strong line to back you up I’m using the Phenix Hyrda 8X line I’m also giving away this rod right here! The Black Diamond 10 Foot Surf Rod with TWO SPOOLS of the 8X Hydra If anybody wants to win this, check out our GIVEAWAY below! WOO! Look how skinny he is though! Woo hoo hoooo! That’s what I’m talking about! Alright, let’s let this guy go [Erin:] Let’s do it Woo! WOAH Striped Bass! [Erin:] Nice! [Erin:] That’s a nice one, Brendon [Brendon:] Man! got sand in my face This is what? The third or fourth one tonight? [Erin:] Yea, you’re having a good night [Brendon:] We’re killin’ em! All cookie cutter 20, 22’s Man, that’s fun! And that’s all with the very slow motion SP Minnow right here: black and purple BLURPLE! [Erin:] Blurple [Brendon:] That’s the way to do it! *Erin laughing* [Brendon:] Every time I start taking a pee, I get a bite! Last time I peed, I got a striper This time I peed, I got another striper I wonder what happens if I pooped! [Erin:] *laughing* BRENDON! [Brendon:] I’m serious! If I took a poop right now, I’d probably land a keeper! oh my gosh! [Erin:] I’m scared! [Erin:] It’s heavy! What!? [Brendon:] It’s a Blue! You hooked him in the head.

[Erin:] I snagged it [Brendon:] Oh! There you go! That was way easier than I thought [Erin:] Yup! [Erin:] Man, I feel like that bluefish dooped me! [Brendon:] What’d you say? [Erin:] I feel like that bluefish dooped me! I really thought that was a nice striper [Brendon:] What are THESE things!? See these things jumping around? What are THOSE!? Yuck! [Erin:] They’re everywhere [Brendon:] They’re jumping all over my hands! What are tho- *SPITS* AH IT WENT IN MY MOUTH! That was a lot of action But it’s definitely slowed down.

Like a lightswitch: just off One second they’re there like nonstop cast after cast Next second: I can’t get one, I can’t get one anymore Like, they’re just gone Um, so I’m gonna hop to my next spot um, another spot probably 20 minutes down the road uh, the tide there is actually 2 hours, uh, before So, I get to go there and hopefully hit another feeding frenzy right there [Erin:] You’re walking so fast oh my gosh! [Brendon:] So now, I’m gonna try and mimic eels Big eels swimming under the water And I’m gonna throw this out.

I let it sink all the way to the bottom of the channel And I either jig it back or I slow retrieve it back It looks like an eel and striped bass will always hit it Ok… We jumped spots from the beach And now we’re at this, this dock right here that I know has a really deep channel I’m gonna try and jig this There’s the moon But, there’s a deep channel right here I know there’s some fish It’s almost too dark to see, but I threw my jig in the middle of the deep channel Let it sink until I felt the bottom.

And as soon as I felt the bottom, I got a big THUMP! This felt like a different class of fish! And the second I saw it, I KNEW this was the fish I was looking for! [Erin:] 28″ [Brendon:] 28″? We’re good! Two fish for dinner! I’ll bring it home to my Grandma That’s a good night of fishing right there What a great night! I’m outta here uh, I’ve gotta clean all this fish up and get it ready, put it on ice.

Get it ready to eat at home Tomorrow, we are leaving to go back to Maryland and uh, I’m really happy that I ended up catching my PB TWO fish to bring home to eat with my family! Alright Grandma Look what I caught you! [Brendon’s Grandma:] Woooow! So big! [Brendon:] That’s enormous Wow! That’s a big fish We’re gonna take it to dinner, right? [Brendon’s Grandma:] Yeah [Brendon:] We’re gonna have someone cook it for us tonight [Brendon’s Grandma:] Mhm, good [Brendon:] Thank you After you, Erin [Erin and Brendon:] Hi! [Host:] Good to see you! How are you? [Erin:] Hi, good! How are you? Hi, good to see you again! [Brendon:] 3 different ways cooked 3 different ways This one’s gonna be, like, spicey steamed.

This is the regular steamed This one’s fried [Erin:] Are the coming? [The fam:] Oh wow! [Brendon’s mom:] This looks good! [Brendon:] You’re gonna like this one, Erin. Wow! That one’s spicey wow! This one’s spicey Can I get you some, Erin? [Erin:] Mmm It’s really good! [Brendon’s Mom:] It’s very tasty [Erin:] Flakey and.

.. spicey and… Mmm! Soft not very fishy [Brendon:] I don’t usually see, I don’t usually see my dad eating fish so… You know it’s gotta be fresh if he’s eating it [Brendon’s Dad] Did the fish have good fighting? [Brendon:] Oh yea! At one point, I didn’t know if my rod would make it [Brendon’s Dad] Really? [Brendon:] It was very strong! [Brendon’s Dad] The Phenix one? [Brendon:] The Phenix, yea.

I knew it would make it but, you know… My reel wouldn’t do anything anymore, I couldn’t crank it in! Overpower So I had to let it fight [Brendon’s Mom:] This is so good! It’s so spicey though [Brendon:] Which one do you like the best, mom? [Brendon’s Mom:] I don’t know.

I think right now, this is winning because I really like spicey Um, this. This one is really good, too. [Brendon:] That spicey one’s the best one for sure It’s just got so much flavor in it oh my gosh Mmmm I like spicey, that’s why [Erin:] That was just good [Brendon:] Oh, it’s really good There’s MORE!? Oh my gosh, so much fish! Ok, one more dish.

oh my gosh This is the finale! Come on guys, we gotta finish this everybody! Wow! So, you wanna mass it into here Here, Dad I’m happy to be able to bring this fish and enjoy it with my whole family And I wanna give, I wanna give Galaxy a big Thank You for for taking our fish in and cooking it all sorts of different ways Props to the chef, you did a great job! The fish was delicious, I’m gonna go home now.

I’ll see you next week guys! [Brendon’s Grandma:] I, uh, I’m making soup now [Brendon:] Oh, with the fish head in there, too? [Brendon’s Grandma:] Yeah! [Brendon:] Ooohhh Brendon’s Grandma:]The fish head cut up, yeah [Brendon:] So that’s why she wanted me to save the head This is a big head! Ok, so what are we gonna do with the head? We gotta fry it up first, right? [Brendon’s Grandma:] Yes [Brendon:] Fry up the head and then.

.. um, why why do we need to fry it? To keep the flavor, right? [Brendon’s Grandma:] Yeah [Brendon:] So, we’re making a Cantonese style soup here. These are mustard greens that she’s cutting up And it’s gonna fry a little bit longer then it’s gonna go into the broth [Brendon’s Grandma:} See? The soup will kind of look like uh creamy, right? [Erin:] Mhm [Brendon’s Grandma:] Color, right? [Erin:] Yeah [Brendon’s Grandma:] I’m gonna put the greens And then, maybe another 20 minutes [Erin:] Ooohhh look at that color! [Brendon’s Grandma:] Yeah! It changes! [Erin:] Yeah It’s not done yet We’re just gonna try some [Brendon’s Grandma:] Yeah I wanna try some because I’m hungry! I want to drink the fish soup Mmm ok, good! [Erin:] Ok [Brendon’s Grandma:] Very good! [Erin:] Good! [Brendon:] Grandma, what are you playing? [Brendon’s Grandma:] Cookie Jam [Brendon:] Cookie Jam.

It’s a game like Candy Crush, huh? [Brendon’s Grandma:] Yes, it’s similar [Brendon:] And what level are you in Candy Crush? [Brendon’s Grandma:] Uh, one one…uh Candy, we’re on Cookie Jam [Brendon:] Ok, what level are you on Cookie Jam? [Brendon’s Grandma:] Cookie Jam is one one 78 [Brendon:] 178? [Brendon’s Grandma:] 1,178 [Brendon:] One THOUSAND!? Level 1,178!? [Brendon’s Grandma:] Yeah [Brendon:] I’m gonna make you guys drool This is gonna be really good stuff This is one of my favorite recipes And it involves a crunchy fish and a really tasty sauce that goes on top This is one of my favorite parts about keeping fish is First of all, I get a nice, juicy, delicious fish And second of all, I get to make it into an awesome dish Show me show me show me! Like this? Now, a scoop of this oh my gosh, look at how thick that is And then.

.. Aw YES! Little more sauce on the top… Oh my gosh oh my gosh OOO! Take this away from me! Before I eat it! [Erin:] Here’s the final result Striper soup and pan fried striper [Brendon:] With special Hey Skipper sauce [Erin:] With special Skipper sauce [Brendon:] Give it a try, Grandma! [Brendon’s Grandma:] Mmm, very good.

The fish, very good [Brendon:] The sauce is very good? [Brendon’s Grandma:] Mhm [Brendon:] “And then, the sauce is very good.” That’s what she said MMM It’s definitely got some crunch factor to it [Erin:] Definite crunch factor [Brendon:] We need to catch more [Erin:] Did you hear that? [Brendon:] That’s very high crunch factor, isn’t it? [Erin:] Very high [Brendon:] And the meat is just so flaky It’s stringy and flaky Well, I wanna thank you guys for following us on our adventure That was such an awesome trip to Cape Cod and this is really what we do it all for! Bring home a fish.

Eat it with the family I wanna remind everyone that in order to keep fishing sustainable, only keep the amount of fish that you’re really gonna eat Don’t don’t keep so many fish that they get freezer burn inside your freezer and you end up throwing them away Try and just keep the amount that you’re gonna be able to eat within that week.

This way, it’ll allow our future generations of fish to thrive That was such a good meal, I’m so full, and I’m gonna head out now I wanted to say: if you wanna help support our channel We’ve got all sorts of stuff in the link in the description below We’ve got new hats, we’ve got awesome fanny packs And we also have bait: Squidy Bits .

And we also have e-books that we have written to help you guys get on some fish And these e-books range from how to tie certain knots to how to fish certain piers, how to fish on the beach, the gear that you need for the beach.

We have all sorts of helpful information on our website HeySkipperFishing.com Thank you all for watching. See you next week!


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