Home Fishing Tips Catch Big fish from ANY beach: Live Line Beach Fishing Tutorial

Catch Big fish from ANY beach: Live Line Beach Fishing Tutorial

Catch Big fish from ANY beach: Live Line Beach Fishing Tutorial

What’s going on, guys? Today, we’re at the beach in Florida and I want to show you guys a simple way to start catching big fish off the beach. Stay tuned! [Erin] You on? [Brendon’s Dad] Here, let me. [Brendon] No, no, it’s gone.

[Brendon] No it’s not. [Erin] It is or it isn’t? No, it’s not, here. [Erin] Woah. [Erin] Let me see. Oh, my. Something with teeth… [Brendon] Oooh, looks like a shark, huh? [Dad] *grunts* I don’t know.

[Brendon] Woah! Something hit that hard! We’re going to be talking about the simplest, most effective way to catch big fish on the beach, and this is for any kind of beginners who really want to start learning how to catch bigger fish on the beach, if you’re tired of catching smaller fish and you want to go for something bigger, maybe a shark, maybe a snook–something bigger, um, listen to these tips and, hopefully, I can help you out.

Now, we might not catch a big game fish today, but the same principle will apply, I’m going to show you the rigs, and the different baits that I like to use, to improve my chances of catching a big fish.

So, the first thing I want to talk about: using live bait. Get yourself some–some baitfish around this big, depending on where you are, it might be shad, it might be a bunker, it might be pinfish, it might be pigfish, whatever bait runs in your area, get some of those, live, in a bucket and bring that to the beach.

[Erin] We caught these earlier. [Brendon] Yeah, we caught these earlier. [Erin] Don’t get your sleeve wet. [Brendon] Too late. [Erin] Ew. Alright. These are pinfish. These are really good bait here. I’ve got 50lb.

flourocarbon on here with a circle hook, 5 ft. of leader, and then a 5oz. sinker, just to keep that fish in one spot… [Uh huh] and it doesn’t get much easier than this. I hook it right here, above the shoulder, –that, just barely hooking it, like that.

[Erin] Yeah. [Brendon] Right? [Erin] Ooh! [Erin] Come on! [Erin] Alright, there. Come on. [Erin] Bluefish. [Brendon] Woohoo! Bluefish! [Erin] Woah! [Brendon] On a live bait! [Erin] Wow, that’s nice! [Brendon] Live pinfish! [Erin] That must have been what took your Dad’s earlier, with the huge teeth! [Brendon] Yeah! It jumped out of the water earlier! Oh, look at that! [What?] It got attacked by something else! [Woah.

] That was almost too easy! [Oh!] [Brendon!] [Brendon!] What? [Something just took your drag!] Er–! Last second jack! [Jack!] It took my sinker somehow. [Sinker!?] [You mean it swallowed your sinker?] Yes! Alright, this is also really good bait, if I- if I hooked up this guy, and cast this out, that’s what you use to catch a big shark, however, my line right there is not enought to– to–I don’t think I’ll be able to land a shark with this- this set up right here.

Erin! Nevermind. Woah! [Oh my goodness.] Something tore it up. [Alright. Oh my.] Probably a bluefish. [Look at that…] -and look, this is a problem: it gets hooked into itself like this. [Wait, let me see, oh my.

] See that? [Oh, woah!] [Oh!] [Doubled up!] [We doubled up!] [Brendon] Oh, no, fish off. [What happened?] [Oh, crossed.] [Alright, what have we got?] Blue. Oh! [Alright, alright.] [What happened to your fish, Brendon?] My fish is fine.

See? You do not need to use live bait, you can use cut bait. [Oh.] A big chunk of cut bait, that will work well. That’s a nice-sized blue. [Yeah] Good job. [Brendon’s Dad] Thank you. [Beautiful!] [Nice.

] [–and you caught this on the cut bait, right?] Yeah. So, yes. They actually do well on cut bait. [Yeah?] Yes. I’m going to let him go. [Alright.] So, if you are out of live fish or you can’t–you don’t have access to live fish, or you don’t want to use live fish, a better option if fresh-cut fish, whether it’s cut off head, a filet of it, a steak of it, slap that bad boy on a hook and cast it out, the bigger the piece, the bigger the fish, most of the time.

Comment below, what are your experiences? Um, do you guys like using live bait? Do you guys like using cut bait? What kind of stuff do you like to use at the beach? And what have you tried? [Brendon’s Dad] Oh! [Brendon’s Mom] Oh! Woah, woah! [Erin] Ohh! [Brendon’s mom] Woah! [Brendon] Erin! [Erin] I’m coming! [Brendon!] [Brendon] Dad! Get the drag set! Gone? [Brendon’s Dad] No, too light.

[Erin] No! [Brendon] It’s off? Gone? [Erin] Oh! That made my heart jump! [Brendon] I should do cut bait. [Erin] You should do cut bait? Mhmm. He’s using cut bait, I’m using live bait… I’ve got cut bait on now.

Same fish, cut in half. [Brendon’s mom] Oh, Brendon! [Erin] On it, she’s on it. [Oh, he’s on it, he’s on it!] [Brendon’s mom] Got it! [Erin] Yes! and it’s all thanks to your mom! Here, Erin! Take over, take over! [Okay, okay, okay!] Set the tripod up! [Brendon’s mom laughing] Not so hard, not so hard! [Ah!] [I don’t feel it fighting anymore.

] [It might just be the weight!] Bring it in! Bring it in! Bring it up! Bring it up! Niii–ha-ha-hiiice, Erin! Yup. [Brendon’s mom] Is this a bluefish? [Erin] Yah. Get your polaroid. [Erin] That was fun.

Get your polaroid. [Okay, it’s in my backpack, hold thi-hold the rod.] Okay. So for anyone who hasn’t seen a bluefish before, they’ve got really gnarly teeth, I don’t know if you can see, I’m not sticking my hand anywhere near that, but it’s like a saltwater piranha.

[Yeah, you saw earlier how it was ripping up the fish.] and these fish travel in a lot- in a big school, all around the same, similar size. [Ha-hey!] [Alright, alright] [Ha ha!] Woohoohoo! Rod up high.

[Whaa!!] [Oh my god–!] Woah! Work your muscles, girl! Work your muscles! Come on! Get it up high! Put this in between your legs. Okay? Now, crank it up, like this. Woah! When you’re fighting a big fish, make sure your drag is set correctly.

You don’t need to horse it in, you need to fight it with the waves, if the waves are pulling you out, don’t fight it. Let it go out for a second. Woah, woah, woah, right here! It looks like your tip is going right there.

[Woahhh ha ha ha!] I got it! Oh my goodness! Woah! Wow, he’s very strong! [Okay!] [What is it?] I don’t know! [Ha ha!] Oh my god! My first fish. Ha ha ha! [Alright, wow! That’s pretty big!] Wow. [Nice job.

] That’s a nice size. [That is a bluefish.] It took the hook? Here, I got it. [They’re so pretty, blue and green.] That’s why they’re called blues. Always–you always check the line after every time you catch a blue fish [Uh huh] If it has any kind of little thingy, you think that it has a little kink or anything, [If it gets frayed, or–] Yeah, you ned to check your line.

[Always check your line.] The noseeums are GET-TING ME. AAArrghh! That about wraps up our little tutorial on uh, how to catch bigger fish on the beach, I hope this helps you, and for those people who are really good at catching big game fish on the beach, this episode was probably not for you.

[Erin laughing] Um, this is to help beginners who want to start getting into beach fishing, um, help them catch some bigger fish. [Erin] Mhmmm. So, if you guys enjoyed the episode, and you want to help out, um, comment some methods below that you use to catch big fishes on the beach.

Similarly, if you’re a beginner and you have questions that we didn’t address in this episode, please feel free to ask us in the comments, we answer as many comments as we can, and I’m sure that some of our experts who watch will be happy to answer as well.

Um, if you guys have any questions you want to ask us personally, we have a Facebook Group, [Yeah.] It’s a, it’s fishing community where we share pictures of fish from around the world, we share tips from around the world, it’s a really unique fishing group, and I can say it’s my favorite Facebook Fishing group ever.

All you have to do is search for Senko Skipper Fishing Community. On Facebook. It’s a private group, but either Erin or I will let you in, If you guys want a detailed list of our Gear List, meaning our reels, our rods, different kinds of gear that we use, the places that we fish, we have a website up, senkoskipper .

com, where we have all that kind of information you guys should go check it out. Thank you, guys, for watching. Please consider subscribing if you haven’t already. Um, and we’ll see you next Thursday.

Yes! That’s a wrap! Oh. Boom!


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