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Casting made easy – fishing tip with Al McGlashan | Club Marine

Casting made easy – fishing tip with Al McGlashan | Club Marine

>> Al McGlashan: Casting, it’s a real skill, but it’s about using the gear and it’s all about technique. Now for me, it’s all about two fingers in front, two behind, so you’re comfortably on top of that reel there.

So you can see here, I’ve just got the tip of the line right on my finger but with the two fingers in front, two behind, the whole outfit is well balanced in my hand and that’s something that’s really important.

Get an outfit that balances up, that’ll make casting a lot easier. Just have it so it’s 30 centimeters from the tip there like so. Don’t have it wound up to the tip like that, and don’t have it too far down like that because you won’t get that momentum to push it out.

So when it actually comes to casting, it’s not getting the rod and going like that. What you want to do with a light outfit like this, it’s from there to there. As you get to there, you just flick and the rod will push it out for you.

Just as a safety tip, when you’re swinging the rod around, maybe you’ve got hooks on it, so make sure there’s nothing behind you. So don’t just sit there like this waving it, always check behind you because you don’t want to hook your mate in the face, he won’t like you after that.

So I’m not even putting a lot of effort in and it’s punching it right out. So there you go, you don’t need to really push it out. You can when you’re using heavier gear, like you really want to get maximum, but for this style with light tackle and for beginners, you want to make it simple.

So make the rod do the work for you. >>Speaker 2: So is that right Al? >>Al McGlashan: Yeah, two fingers in front- >> Speaker 2: Two fingers either side? >> Al McGlashan: … two behind, ready to go, bail arm’s open.

That’s it, and always remember to have that bail arm open. Fire in the hole. So see how the rod there has pushed it out for you? >> Speaker 2: Yeah. >> Al McGlashan: So you haven’t put a lot of effort into it and look, you’re casting it way out the back.

The more you practice, the better you’ll get and the more you’ll appreciate good gear and that means more fish.


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