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Carp Fishing Rigs PVA Tip

Carp Fishing Rigs PVA Tip

Shall we talk actual fishing related hints and tips? This one, this is a little humdinger, something that I’ve been doing as long as I can actually remember. How you attach a little PVA bag. Look, there’s no doubt whatsoever that having that little bag of high attraction goodness attached to your hook bait is going to buy you bites.

But, and this is a big but. I cringe and want to bang my head on a table every time I see someone just hook a PVA bag on. You know, it’s not so bad with a D-Rig, but with something like a flexible hair or even worse a blow- back.

You know that 9 times out of 10 that hairs going to twist and that can cause hook pulls. Never quite worked out why, but it does, but take my word for it. So, many years ago I came up with this alternative way of attaching PVA bags.

It’s simple as tie a little bag as you would normally, but leave a couple of inches of Micromesh hanging off the top of it. That way you get a couple of absolute key benefits. Firstly, you can hook above the knot, so that you make sure you’re not left with any kind of PVA residue actually attached to the hook after the PVA bag has melted and exploded.

And the second one, which is the key one is you can use that tag to wrap around the hair and the shank of the hook and be absolutely 100 per cent certain that, that hair is going out there untangled. So, you go from on the one hand almost a guaranteed tangle on every cast with that hair wrapping to it being impossible for that hair to tangle.

To my mind that isn’t something that’s a debate. That’s a no brainer and that’s something that I think is worth sharing with you, our wonderful Gardner Tackle customer.


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