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Carolina Rig Bass Fishing Tip

Carolina Rig Bass Fishing Tip

You know I’m an old-school fisherman, and I’m gonna talk about an old-school bait – Carolina rig. It’s not very many people’s favorite bait It kind of gets a bad rap because it’s just not real sexy It’s just that – you know – you just throw it out there, and you just drag it in and just feel in the bottom But it can catch some great fish I’m just going to show you my rig up on a Carolina rig And I throw it a fair amount.

You wouldn’t think I would I like fishing fast I like power fishing, but if I’ve got to slow down on big flats Starting in February. I can catch some big fish with a Carolina rig Coming up, that’s a good one Not quite as big as I thought.

As far as my rig up goes toward grade tungsten. This is a 3/4 I did a 3/4 on because that’s probably the most common Weight that I would use I put a glass bead on it right above that and then I’ve just got a black barrel Swivel as far as my line goes your your line.

That’s on your main line. It doesn’t really matter what it is You know something you can cast good something that you know strong enough for the situation. Probably 16 pounds son line I prefer fluorocarbon So I’d probably throw Sniper on that and then as far as your leader goes it can sometimes It’s the exact same size.

It’s almost never going to be heavier, but it can be lighter. It could be 14. It could be 12. It could be 10. On this one right here I’ve got 14, same line – Sniper, and then my hook and the hook I’ve got on here is an Owner This is actually a Wide Gap Plus.

That Wide Gap plus is a fits this bait really good. Which is a Strike King Rage Hawg, and the Rage Hawg is just a little small creature bait. I might Carolina rig several different baits I love the Strike Kinng creature But I also like just a straight worm from time to time though either one of those will work really really well I like green pumpkin probably the best.

That’s what I’ve got on right here You know a Carolina rig is something that you think of when you’re fishing flat stuff something That’s you got flat with a small break off of it or on the edges of flats That’s where you really see it you’re looking for those hard spots either gravel or rocks something hard or maybe a bare spot if you’re fishing grass and In Texas and East Texas a lot of times you catch a ton of fish when you’re working in the pre spawn Carolina rigging those hard spots those bare spots right around the inside grass lines and those inside grass line spots those big fish can load Up on, and you can really catch some great fish So you know a Carolina rig not the sexiest rig in the whole world, but one that’s incredibly effective And you can catch some big fish


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