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Calissa Offshore Tackle Kayak & Spearfishing Stainless Steel Fish Stringer Clip + Quick Release 36” Steel Core Lanyard+Speargun Spear Fishing Freedive Freediving Scuba Dive Diving Large Holder


Price: $24.95
(as of Oct 31,2020 03:03:19 UTC – Details)

HERE ARE TOP REASONS HOW WE BEAT COMPETITORS: 1) 12-MONTH GUARANTEE: Save time and fuss, so you can bring home more fish without looking like disorganized. No self-respecting fisherman would settle for anything less. Try now the Calissa Offshore Tackle Stringer Clip for 30-Days and love it, or we’ll refund every cent. And when you decide “she’s a keeper”, you’re also covered by our 12-Month Factory Defect Guarantee.
2) AMERICAN COMPANY, FROM GUYS WHO FISH: Why purchase from Chinese sellers when you can buy from an innovative American owned company? We have designed out clip with the most hydrodynamic shape! We also added sharpened point for easy insertion through the gills. Finally, it has an even balance point for premium efficiency on a kayak or on your side when spearfishing.
3) CORROSION RESISTANT: Fresh or saltwater, this Stringer Clip wants you out as long as possible. Made from stainless 304 grade steel, our stringer clip is saltwater corrosion resistant – so stay out all day! Be in the water as long as you want! Just don’t come home empty handed. Furthermore, it’s two welded points will allow high tension for maximum strength
4) SIZE MATTERS: We designed this stringer clip so you can load it with tons of fish! Imagine having the entire stringer packed with fish! The stringer size is 16” length x 6.5” width (bottom) x 2.5” width (top)
5) FISHING, NOT FUMBLING: We’ve all seen fisherman on kayaks and spearfisherman fumbling around to put their catch on a stringer when a huge school of fish is swimming by, right? Don’t be that guy. With its state-of-the-art quick release curved ends and insertion clip, our stringer clip will keep you organized. Because, only fish should flap around!


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