Home Fishing Tips Braid Or Mono For Island Casts? | Will Raison Top Fishing Tip

Braid Or Mono For Island Casts? | Will Raison Top Fishing Tip

Braid Or Mono For Island Casts? | Will Raison Top Fishing Tip

as far as the mainline’s concerned its 8-pound Daiwa ST straight the way through no shock leaders nothing and the reason for this is quite simple when I come to Bury Hill a lot of the time I’ve drawn in open water and I will fish with braid and a shock leader, when I’m fishing slightly shorter distances around islands line is definitely my number one choice, I don’t want it too direct, when you’re fishing a long long way 60, 70, 80 metres plus, for me braid is a must but these shorter chuck’s around the island it’s not so important.

As far as the reel’s concerned it’s the Cast’izm reel absolutely my number one choice for any kind of long-distance feeder fishing. Today like I say we’re only fishing 45 50 meters but it makes it easy for myself I’m just going to be lobbing the feeder and the reel really does accompany the SLR rod perfectly it’s the 11 foot version, I have got the longer ones but again we’re not chucking miles here, it’s got nice big eyes on it, the rod and the reel combination just makes fishing so easy you can fish at long distances so easy and also with the lightest tip in which is the red one that the SLR comes with it is quite deceivingly soft as far as playing the fish is concerned the skimmers hopefully I will be catching today from a pound up to four pound so they’re decent fish but always pick a rod and a reel that’s going to make it easy for you.

If you start using a 250 reel and a 10-foot BOM rod even casting 45 metres like today it’s going to be difficult. That’s the rod that I’ve assembled for today’s session I’ve got an exact duplicate in case of any breakages but with a strong rod reliable reel reliable Daiwa main line I don’t foresee any problems as far as breakages are concerned


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