Home Fishing Tips Booyah Vibra Wire Spinnerbait Review | Bass Fishing

Booyah Vibra Wire Spinnerbait Review | Bass Fishing

Booyah Vibra Wire Spinnerbait Review | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here at BassResource.com and today I wanna talk to you a little bit about spinnerbaits, specifically the Booyah Vibra Wire. This spinnerbait I’ve been using it for quite a while now and I’ve really come to like it a lot.

It’s got some unique characteristics that I found, that you don’t find in another spinnerbaits. First of all, this wire, it’s not really, it’s not super thin, but it is still thin enough to put out quite a bit of vibration and the material, I don’t know what they make out of it, the material, but it’s strong, it’s super strong resilient.

You know, big fish bites this thing and it just bounces right back, I mean, I love that. I’ve caught several fish with this, quite a few fish with this, and look at this, the wire is still nice and straight, it’s not bent up, the bait looks fine.

It holds up, it doesn’t get all bent and torqued out of place fish, after fish, after fish. And I find that, really, it helps in a day of fishing and I’m not having to fuss with this all day long. [00:00:59] [Silence] [00:01:14] Glenn: There we go.

[00:01:15] [Silence] [00:01:27] Glenn: It’s a good fish. Woman: Oh that’s too good. Glenn: Yeah, he’s not going to do anything. Come here. Woman: That’s a nice fish. Glenn: Yeah, he just came right up and smacked it.

He’s got a belly on him. Woman: Yeah, he’s eating, getting ready to spawn. Glenn: The other thing about this is it has a super sharp Mustad hook on it. It’s a longer shank than a lot of other spinnerbaits.

I’ve got a trailer on this, but a lot of other spinnerbaits that hook, see how long that… look how long that body is. A lot of times the hooks they come right about here and then they start turning, but it’s way out there, so you have a bigger bite.

The fish comes out and short strikes it, they’re more likely to hit it because that hook is way back there. As a matter of fact, I don’t even use trailers on these and I’ve been catching lots of fish, I haven’t missed any fish on this.

Also, it’s got the gold blades, are jeweler grade gold, which makes them super attractive, they really are brilliant under the water. And look at this ball bearing. It’s a high-quality ball bearing if you can just get to spin a little bit.

Look at that, look how long that spins. Great, that’s a good indication of a quality spinnerbait, is that bearing. You want it to just…look, it spins and spins and spins. You can go to tackle shops and sometimes they’ve got those spinnerbaits lined up on a rack, just grab them and start flipping those blades just like I just did and see how long those blades spin.

I promise you they don’t spin that long. You want it to easily spin through that water, so you’re not having to work it. It doesn’t have that torque, so it’s not gonna flip over to one side or the other, that’s what happens.

Those ball bearings don’t wanna spin very well and then you’re fighting the spinnerbait on the way back. Here’s the one thing, it comes in a variety of weights, it comes in, you know, quarter an ounce, three-eighths, half an ounce.

My biggest complaint, at least today as of this shooting this video, it doesn’t come in a three-quarter ounce. I really like three-quarter-ounce baits. So, you know I don’t have a three-quarter ounce in this size, so I’ll use other spinnerbaits when I wanna go that big, but I’m hoping Booyah comes out with the heavier version because I’ll definitely be using this.

And it comes in 13 different colors. So a whole variety of situations, water clarity times of the year, you’re gonna have your pick of color. So, give it a shot, guys, you’re gonna catch a lot of fish with it, I promise you.


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