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BioSpawn Baits Plastic Lures | Bass Fishing

BioSpawn Baits Plastic Lures | Bass Fishing

Glenn: Hey, folks, Glenn May here with BassResource.com at the 2015 ICAST Show here in the BioSpawn booth with Andrew Schreiber. Andrew, we’ve got some new baits coming out. What have you got for us? Andrew: This is the new six and a half inch plasma tail.

It’s got a lot of buzz online. Everybody’s really anticipating this bait coming out. It’s just like the four and a half inch, it’s made with the same plastic. It’s neutrally buoyant. We came out with this bait because a lot of people were requesting a shaky head.

This bait has an incredible action on a shaky head, but just like the rest of the BioSpawn baits, it’s extremely versatile. You can fish in multiple ways, Texas rig, Carolina rig…multiple, multiple other ways.

I definitely think it’s going to help you guys put some fish in the boat, and I think it’s definitely worth trying. Glenn: Now, you said it’s neutrally buoyant, so what would I do with that? Andrew: Neutrally buoyant plastic is a little bit different than everybody else.

It literally is neutrally buoyant with water, so with our drop shot bait it made it sit horizontal in the water. This is going to do the same thing when you drop shot it. It’s going to sit horizontally in the water, so it’s a more natural presentation.

But also, when you’re throwing it on a shaky head, it’s got a real slow rise to the tail. And then the waves of the water and everything literally makes this bait move, so you don’t even hardly have to work it.

Glenn: So where and when would I fish this bait? Andrew: Personally like where I’m at, Lake Of The Ozarks you’d fish it in deep structure and brush piles, but really it’s a pretty versatile approach. It’s a finesse approach.

Bass are getting hard to catch on a jig or bigger presentations. You’d just kind of scale it down and fish this, and it will put fish in the boat for sure. Glenn: So this is more like wintertime fishing, cold water fishing, maybe those bluebird days after a big storm, post cold front type conditions? Andrew: Absolutely.

This bait here because of the plasma tip…and we’re also going to sell it in solid colors, but because of the plasma tip it kind of gives a reaction strike to those slower moving and lethargic bass. Glenn: Fantastic.

All right. Well, thanks for showing us. Andrew: I appreciate it. Glenn: BioSpawn, you guys have got to check it out.


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