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Best Time To Catch Blue Catfish [CQT]

Best Time To Catch Blue Catfish [CQT]

hey this chad ferguson learned to catch catfish calm with this week’s catfishing quick tip now people contact me all the time they say Chad when’s the best time to catch blue catfish you know that’s a difficult question to answer because there’s so many different variables to it and so many different times a year that I like but if I had to narrow it down to a couple of times a year for being the best time of the year to catch blue catfish then I would say that the months of November December January and February would be one of my top picks now that’s when we catch big trophy class blue catfish on rod and reel they’re easier to pattern there you can catch them in excellent numbers during that time and these fish are big not uncommon to catch numerous fish in a thirty forty and fifty pound range when you’re out on the water during that time of year now my other favorite time of the year is in the spring from the month of mid-march all through about mid-may the blue catfish are on fire and the techniques that we use to locate and catch blue catfish during that time of year are some of the most fun techniques that you can use they are amazing it’s some really fun fishing and it’s just a blast to be out on the water and catch huge numbers of blue catfish during that spring period now if you want to learn how I go about locating and catching blue catfish during the spring months you can go to learn to catch catfish comm check out the spring blue catfish techniques program now if you want to get more free tips tricks and information on fishing for catfish just head over to learn to catch catfish calm


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