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Bass Fishing Tips: Finesse Jigs

Bass Fishing Tips: Finesse Jigs

man who hunt and fish Scout look weather hey guys Justin Rackley here to give you some tips on fishing finesse jigs so the finesse jig is really one of my favorite baits I have a lot of confidence in it and it’s one of the baits I started out with early catching fish on and it’s become one of my main confidence baits it’s it’s smaller profile it doesn’t have the bigger bulkiness to it that a flipping jig say does but it did it does still get big bites and that’s what I love about it it imitates crawfish extremely well they’re excellent bait when bass for being a little bit finicky they won’t get on the bigger jig areas where you might throw a shaky head there they’re excellent for those areas clear water rocky conditions man-made structure concrete things like that they really excel in those places really the only place I don’t throw them is around grass and and really heavy cover like flipping wood I’ll reserve that for a different kind of jig they’re just not designed for that but they’re they’re excellent baits around rocky areas in any place you have have crawfish livin really excels some of the features that make it different than a regular flipping jay is you’ve got in most cases are a rounded ball head on here a thinner weed guard a thinner skirt and a thinner gauge wire hook so you want to downsize your line a little bit and also your rod and I like to throw throw my finesse jigs on a little bit shorter rod maybe a 6 10 or 7 foot then I would a bigger rod and I’ll downsize a power so I’ll go to a a sometimes a medium power or something in between a medium and medium heavy and and I throw braids on most of my jigs with a fluorocarbon leader so that’s the reason why but you can throw them on spinning gear you know with a light fluorocarbon line it just depends on how clear the water is but I prefer something between a medium medium heavy with fast action tip and just something around 7-footer a little bit under and I throw really two different styles I throw the main the ball head style like this one and then I’ll also throw a it’s like a mini flipping jig and that’s if I’m flipping around some of some roots of a tree or something like that I’ll go with this one any other Rocky type situation I’m going with the ball headed jig I also have an assortment of trailers that I like to throw and usually they’re their natural colors something between green pumpkin you know watermelon something like that and I really like that imitates a crawfish or our bluegill and I’ll go for a straight crawfish imitation I’ll go for a double curl tail grub your simple chunk trailer and also a beaver style bait and I love the beaver style bait that’s probably one of my favorites and imitates bluegill and crawfish really well together and I’ll usually shorten down the trailer a little bit cut a little bit of the plastic off just to compact the size of that trailer to match the overall presence of the finesse check so if you’re not comfortable throwing jigs you really need to get yourself some finesse jigs and start getting into it I really can’t produce a lot of fish and the finesse giuk is kind of that happy medium between the big flippin jig and the shaky head so it’s a it’s a really versatile bait and it really can catch some good fish when conditions are tough so give these tips a try and I hope y’all catch them next time you’re out on the water Scout look wthr.

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