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hey this is jay with fish green kayak tours out here on a windy windy day on the river and I’m going to give you a tip for the day one kayaking on windy days isn’t a real operator that’s tip number one tip number two take your heads almost everybody uses these just for worms um I love them with crawdads on the crawfish I think have a whole lot better motion and a lot better movement with the shaky head the nice thing with the shaky head is when you have this grunt at out there on the bottom and you’re moving it real slow across the bottom with the shaky head it’s not going to make that crawdad more realistic it’s going to actually make them stand up like a crawdad does when he feels threatened you know bass swims by or is he the bass he’s going to stand up open his pinchers up and say hey don’t mess with me oh and that’s when the pass was nails but anyway oh just remember that try the croft dad’s for crawfish wherever you’re from Harvey call it um with the shaky heads you can try a different size way you can try the football head the round head I think the football head might work the best because it allows the crawdad to stay more flat doesn’t well them to roll side to side as much um but that is my tip of the day and I got fish to catch you got stay tuned so you


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