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Bass Fishing Tip – How to Pattern PreSpawn Bass

Bass Fishing Tip – How to Pattern PreSpawn Bass

You know the pre-spawn to me is the time of year that bass are actually the most Active and the most aggressive, and for that reason I love fishing baits that move – winding baits power fishing It’s the best time of year for that.

It doesn’t always work, but the baits. I’m talking about are baits like vibrating jigs, spinner baits, crank baits things that you can bump off of things Now a lot of times what happens this time of year is is those fish just They’re basically just in a feeding frenzy, and they’re fat and healthy.

Now right before the spawn when I’m talking about pre spawn I’m not talking about a week before this point. I’m talking about month month and a half before this month That’s when they’re really feeding the most I like to think of a bass moving up and suspending over the top of cover, and then me trying to bump it you know whether it be a vibrating lipless crankbait that vibrates, whether it be a vibrating jig, whether it be a spinnerbait any of those you just got to get the Right dip so that that baits comes across there, and then what happens is is when you take that bait And it starts balling up and whatever you’re fishing whether it be rocks or whether it be Grass a lot of times you give it a jerk specially in grass, you’ll jerk it free from that grass, and a lot of times That’s what generates your strike.

That feels like a pretty decent one You know what happened that time is I actually popped out of some grass. I don’t know if you can tell… Yheah, that’s a good Fish I mean choked it show you what choking it looks like That’s choking it I Mean, that’s as deep as it could get.

And all I did was is I popped it out of that grass and as soon as it Came free, you know, it it vibrated again and boom And it just it was like a worm bite almost hit it so hard it try moving baits It’s my favorite time of year to fish you can catch some huge bags of fish


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