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Bass Fishing Tip 4

Bass Fishing Tip 4

okay so we’re here just outside of the the target range here of about this week has been about six to ten feet these guys are fishing a little shelf here periodically down this this Bank here there’s a couple different things that you can target there’s there’s rocket of course you can throw a reaction date something that these fish are hitting on we’re in post spawn mid-april so a lot of these fish have been spawning now they’re eating chasing bait there’s tons of bait fish here the good thing about this when you find those little sweet spots within this bank you’ll have spots where there’s let’s say bigger larger chunk wrong sometimes you’ll have chunks off that will have grass on top of it what happens is those bait fish going to get in there and move around and allow those larger fish to get up in there and ambush the prey so what we’ve been throwing is we’ve been throwing a just a bank bait here going for reaction by you can throw a rattletrap take it those swim bait just anything where you can get that reaction bite that you’re looking for just finding those key pieces of structure that are on top of the structure can really pay off


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