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Basic Approach to Suspended Jerkbaits for Bass

Basic Approach to Suspended Jerkbaits for Bass

Basic Approach to Suspended Jerkbaits for Bass Whenever I’m fishing a suspending jerkbait in the winter time, one of the things I like to do is make as long as a cast as I can. I want to jerk down the operating depth pretty good which usually means 4 or 5 jerks and then just kill it.

Let it literally just sit there motionless. If there’s a fish there, make him stare at it. What I like to do, I don’t know if you can see it in this video, but there’s actually grass on the surface in toward the shore from here and I’m at right where it goes from where there is grass and where there isn’t grass under the water.

I’m really trying to find fish right along that little break line and see if there’s some fish suspended. As the water cools, you’ll have shad die offs and that’s what the fish are doing when they see a suspending jerk bait.

They think it’s a dying shad and a lot of times they can’t resist it. But one of the keys is extreme impatience. So throw it out, jerk it down, and then just wait. Sometimes it’s 5 seconds and sometimes its 10 seconds and under severe conditions it might be 20-30 seconds to get that bite.

If there’s a fish out there right now while my bait’s sitting motionless, the bass is real curious and he would literally have his nose right up on that jerk bait. As soon as I tough it with my rod, he would unload on it.

So that’s what you want. You want to get one to follow it and then just stop it. In real clear water I’ve actually seen a bass come up and swim all the way around a jerk bait, over it, looking at it from every direction.

So just picture in your mind when you think he’s got his nose right on it and then just touch it with the rod tip. See what happens. When I jerk this suspending Rogue down, I want to absolutely let it sit motionlessly like that in the water.

In real clear water, I’ve actually watched a bass swim up to a suspending jerkbait- look at it from the front, look at it from back- swim up over it upside down and look at it from the top. They are a very curious creature and when they see something that looks like a baitfish suspended in the water-if they’re within eyeshot of it- they’re going to go take a look at it.

Now what you want to do it is, you want to wait until you think that fish is right there with his nose on that bait, then just touch it with your road and just make it do that little ‘tututu’ like that, and the instinct to that bass-he’s going to engulf it.

He can’t help it. That’s why the suspending Rouge and the Perfect 10 Rouge are some of the most deadly, deadly co-weather baits in clear water that you’ll ever fish.


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